Coles Online Vs Coles Shop

Hi all,
Went into coles to buy some waterwipes as they were on special for $6.00 online, as i went to the register to pay they came up to the standard price of $7.50. The lady at the checkout and manager would not honer the difference all they said is we do not price match the online price. Do any of you ozbargianers know why this is? As i could not make any sense of this and the checkout person could not give me a solid answer.


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    Yeap, Coles online and in-store pricing is separate.

    Online, in-store and catalogue prices
    The prices on our website might not be the same as prices in your local Coles supermarket or Liquorland store.
    While we offer most Coles Supermarkets catalogue specials online, not all specials are available.

    it could be like a special at their warehouse


    Sure the site was set to the same post code?
    I know prices can differ per location.

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    Usually it's the other way around and the online price is higher than in the store.


    Not all stores adhere by online pricing.. I know it's weird but they just probably can't always keep up with constant demand.. humans.. Also delivery to further or difficult to deliver to regions will probably drive up the price. It just is what it is.

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    I complained today that the online price of Coke 24 pack was $15, whereas the in-store price was $13. This was their response…

    Thank you for your email regarding Coles Online pricing.

    We certainly understand value for money is very important, however, hand picking, hand packing and hand delivering means there are additional costs incurred when shopping with Coles Online and as a result our pricing needs to reflect this.

    You will find that most everyday items such as fresh lines (e.g. Bakery, fruit, milk and deli) as well as some baby products are at the same low prices as in our Coles supermarkets.

    As well as the standard catalogue specials being available, we also offer online exclusive specials each week that are not available in store. Please be aware that both the exclusive online specials and regular in store specials run on a weekly rotation, beginning on Wednesday and ending on the following Tuesday.

    We appreciate you getting in touch and sincerely apologise for the any inconvenience or confusion this may have cause. Your custom is very important to us and we hope that in light of the information provided, that you will give our team another go.

    If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Coles Online Customer Care team on 1800 455 400.

    I didn't know until now that the prices were different. I guess in future it'll pay for me to be weary of the usual price of products before I add them to my online cart. I tend to Click and Collect, so this is normally just a gimmick for me to order online, usually because of the discount codes offered. There's no real point in trading those discounts against higher prices when it's just as easy, and probably quicker, just to visit the store and do my own shop.

    We live and learn.


      Going by that theory, it should be cheaper if I use the self serve checkout then.


      I work in the security business.

      The amount of money Coles & Woolworths lose due to shoplifting in all its forms, it's staggering!

      They are ripping you off. Ultimately, It is cheaper for them to do the shopping and give it to you than the alternative.


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    Just buy from Woolworths Online. They don't charge extra for hand picking, hand packing and hand delivering. I think Woolworths is genuinely trying to get back market share which Coles is now taking for granted.


      After 2 weeks of shopping online from Woolworths, I complained today to them, their shopping experience is horrible.

      Why ? 50% of the time, you are left in front of the store between 20 - 40 minutes until someone picks your order up. That's right, 9 hours of store being opened, they can't put it together.

      Also, you place your order online thinking that the items are secure, and when someone goes in the shop to pick them up, 10 hours later, surprise, no more items! So, you have to go to Coles/Aldi/etc to buy the rest from there.

      I'm moving away from Woolworths if they can't get their sh*t together.