Need some advice from international traders

So I've been wanting to start investing in the stock market for years now, been running through the process for the past week. Need some questions answers or a point to the right place to ask them.

I would like to invest in some north American markets, reading online it's a %15 tax and no tax in Australia all you have to do is fill out a American tax for every 3 years. Is this all true.

Are there some other risks other then the obvious crash or currency changing?

Who should I be talking to about this Commsec my broker or source this stuff online, is there a guide?



    There will be Australian taxes as normal, but the 15% withholding tax (I think) you are talking about will be taken into consideration.
    The best route used to be open an account directly with an American discount broker, but I have heard this is now harder for non-residents, but I would start there. Local brokers have high fees to trade on the US markets.
    Note you can get cost effective exposure to American markets via funds and ETFs listed in Australia, which might be a better place to start.