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Rotring 800 0.5mm Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil $39.37 USD (~ $55 AUD) Delivered @ Amazon


The cheapest-ever price of the Rotring 800. The Rotring 800 is the retractable version of the well-remarked Rotring 600, which is used by many professional engineers, architects and artists.

See the price history here:

It is fairly hard to find a good price for Rotrings in Australia, sells these for $82.50 and alternatively, it will cost at least $60 on excluding outrageous postage charges. RRP is 90 USD on I know, some people will say that it's crazy to pay over even $10 for a pencil but this is a very solid and sturdy tool which should last a lifetime.

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    Great pencil…I am an architect, no one use pencil anymore in the office. It will be sitting in the drawer for lifetime.

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      no one use pencil anymore in the office.

      back to crayons huh?


      Yep this is a premium product for a dying use and it doesn't even seem that "collectable" like other branded pens.
      I'm not saying pencils in general are dying, but the need for "premium" pencils in certain applications is cos well, welcome to the computing age and typing on OzBargain.

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      + $28.95 Addl. Costs


      I'm sorry but did you not see the $21.50 USD shipping costs? Damn it, beaten by JV.
      Bought one from several years ago. Personally I prefer the grip on the Pentel graphgear 1000 and prefer it overall as a retractable mechanical pencil, especially given the price difference, but the rotring certainly less wiggle in the tip when you push on it hard. In reality they both write and draw perfectly well. However, both sit in a drawer in my study, unused :(.


        When I looked it said free ship, it must not of been logged in?


        Rotring is now owned by Rubbermaid, so the brand has deteriorated.

        The Pencil shown was modelled on another series, the 600 series, which was made in Germany, especially sought after is the ball point pen ….. prices went trough the roof after it made an appearance being used by Matt Damon in the Bourne Identity.

        Now I think Rotring is made in japan.

        the 600 series has been copied by Retro 51 due to the price hike after the movie, and because Rotring had stopped making them

        My original 600 series stays at home and now I use the retro 51 copy of the ball point.

        Many things seem to have hiked in price, possibly due to mobile phone functions, Filofax diaries are EXREMELY expensive now.

        I still use notepad and pen in customer meetings, otherwise it looks like I'm playing clash or doing facebook if you look or use a phone or tablet in meetings …..

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    UMM WTF.
    the xiaomi pen is cheaper and its permanent

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      and its permanent

      what if it's stolen ?


      They make mechanical pencils now?

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      You are comparing a pen to a mechanical pencil. Do your research before you comment.

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        one is not permanent, one is, a pen has a clicker, a mechanical pencil has a clicker, i've done my research.

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          Since when did Xiaomi pens have infinite ink? This must be groundbreaking technology.

          Using your logic, why are you selling an iPhone for $529 when someone points out that Telstra is selling for $449?

          They both phone, so they should be the same. Right?


          umm who said anything about infinite ink?
          The Xiaomi pens are $9 with 3 refils so you could define that as infinite ink, but i was talking about the ink it has, a pencil can be rubbed out while a pens ink drys and is much harder to remove which can be classed as a permanant marking.

          I don't understand the iphone conundrum

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          @tuzii: Sorry, I thought you were referring to "permanent" as that the pens do not need replacing.

          They are clearly different products, so there is no need to suggest alternatives.

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          @tuzii: It's a deal on a drafting pencil and you're suggesting a pen. Stop shitposting.


    Could Be Better

    username checks out, the deals Could Be Better.

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    If only the 600 never existed; dropped mine directly on the tip -> replacement tip costs almost as much as the pencil itself.

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    I always stock up at IKEA


    Nice find! I got my 600 from Yodobashi and used a forwarding service, which worked out cheaper than buying anywhere else.
    I have used the Graphgear 500 by Pentel, but currently use the Rotring rapid PRO 0.5 which has the retractable tip, would recommend Rotring.


    have it for months. best pencil ever.

    also have another auto-rotate-lead pen, it rotates the lead every time you write, so the trace can stay the same.

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    It's nice to see such high quality products still being made. Gives hope that we aren't a truly disposable world just yet.


    Guys don't bother with this, simply the best mechanical pencil is the delguard zebra. Impossible to break a lead which is just amazing and around $10.


      Interesting. I've been buying Kuru Toga pencils for one of my children. He uses them for university note taking and sketches. They're a bit cheaper than Delguard Zebra though… Are there specific refills to use?


      they are all good. i have them. but the handling just feel way more substantial in hand with the rotring.

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    19$ smashed avocados and now 55$ pencils, and people wonder why they cant afford a house…