Dumpster Diving Virgin-Hints, Tips, Targets

After watching "The war on waste" ABC, I've contemplated I should try dumpster diving for stuff especially food. Probably for the kicks, saving the environment and more importantly saving money for ozbargain stuff…

This dumpster virgin implores you to provide your previous experience, hint and tips ;)



    Dam missed the first episode, I sooo much wanted to watch it :(.

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    I used to dumpster behind a DSE. picked up some awesome stuff. so much stuff that only required a simple fix.
    or the dumpster from the reject shop which they'd put out every sunday for pick up and it would full of stock write offs.

    good times.

    my favourite dumpsters are where they are doing office clearouts. 4 years ago they cleared out the company on the floor next to me at work. they were chucking 9 brand new industrial laser printer toners. I grabbed the lot and sold them on ebay for $500. they were getting rid of a boxes of stationery and excess LCD monitors as well. score time.


    Used to live across the road from officeworks in richmond when I was a kid, scored a heap of new printers, phones, monitors etc


    i watched some dudes do it on youtube, getting 5 phone cases and a few usb cables doesnt seem worth it

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      Q: How do you spot a vegan?
      A: They'll tell you.


        Q: How do you spot someone who has no reasonable response to an argument?

        A: They resort to empty ad hominem retorts.

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          Yes, but you forgot the "meat is murder" slogan and "down with the patriarchy!" in your original post.

          I think we should only eat nuts and berries and only what we can forage for ourselves, all while holding hands, skipping and singing songs about the downfall of capitalism.

          Just looked at your post history… ok, ok, we get it.


    Coles and woolworths look their bins


    And in the program the diver said they only share with mates or the operation is ruined for all. So you need to make discreet enquires because real divers aren't going to post here.

    LOL at the bin that was featured, obviously Aldi from the Forester nuts and lobster tails. Unfortunately the tails were defrosted and unsafe.


    The show was absolutely outrageous. The level of waste by supermarkets and the public is just absolutely beyond the pail. There was a USA documentary a couple of years ago called, "Just Eat it - A story of food waste" which also focused on similar issues.

    As for Aldi just chucking slabs of lobster tails and nuts into a dumpster - I've got a mind to never shop there again. It's just unfortunate that all the supermarkets seem to be tarred with the same brush.

    It makes my blood boil. Half the world is literally starving to death, and even in the West we have thousands upon thousands suffering food stress.

    And the excuse that millions of tons of food is already given to food banks doesn't cut it!

    Our planet's resources are finite and to be just chucking stuff away because it's not selling, a label has changed etc., is not justifiable.

    We've got a green's party and a host of independents in parliament and this would be a useful bandwagon for them to get on. Whereby they could actually sprout what they preach and do something that is both useful and practical for the environment, greenhouse gases and members of the public.

    Whilst the government is busy enacting their new food labeling legislation, they'd be wise to also enact legislation just as France is, making it illegal to dump food.

    That the supermarket chains lock their bins is frankly, willfully mean, spiteful and shows that they lack any concern for the environment, food wastage, and totally lack any sort of moral compass.

    I'm telling you now - something isn't quite right with the world these days.


      So you've never bought something and had to throw it away because it'd gone bad?


        Actually, I did the other night. I'm finally living on my own and I dumped an entire shelf of food from my freezer dating back to 2007 that belonged to ex house mates. Ironically I did it while I watched 'The war on Waste.' It pained me belong belief to do it. Unfortunately it was freezer burnt, smelled and not edible. 'Hording' it because I don't want to 'waste' it, despite it being totally inedible wasn't very practical.

        It was also stopping me from using the freezer efficiently for my needs - so that I can cook and prepare food for the week in advance, freeze it and then take it out for meals during the week.

        Yes, I'm just as guilty as members of the public in the program, but I've seen a few shows such as this from the US and a similar series made in the UK about 3 years ago. And I've slowly but surely turned that around. I honestly only try to buy what I need for a week, do a bit of menu planning and don't go to the supermarket until I've actually run out of food in the fridge etc.,

        Unfortunately the show wasn't about throwing out food that has gone bad. This was about supermarkets chucking large quantities of produce that was still edible with long expiry dates.

        Bananas for example guillotined by the tonne at the farm because they're too: "Big", "Small", 'Straight", 'Bent' etc., and can't (or won't) be sold by the supermarkets.

        I just wish a Harris Farm Market would open up in my area because I'd be happy to buy all this so called malformed stuff from them - the prices were as cheap as chips. (No pun intended)


    Sounds like fun, I might give it a try one day. Save some food, save some money and the thrill is cool :)


    There is a reason we lock our bins!

    I heard girls love diving for make-up though…

    Oh and one good place to dive - not for food though. The races, after the event most of the stuff/set is taken down and thrown out. Great for event styling/deco and that kinda stuff.

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