Bad Property Managers, Prefer to Leave than Fight

In WA, apparently nothing is in place for good-paying, property-caring tenants who cannot get basics fixed in their home?

Sick of globes bursting- even high-end ones. Western Power says we're "fine", 256v! Even when I say the expensive gloves blow out in a week??? The bulbs were swapped by a sparky- & burnt soon after. I emailed the manager stating this— and was pushed off saying if was investigated prior (the 256v bit). I think the transformers are bad.

I then said we had no idea how to get the globes out to re-place them- can they demo it for us? No reply.

Next I hear is a rental inspection in June…

What are your thoughts?

Makes no sense, no me— been here 24 months & up to date paying— do a lot of upkeep for a very large lawn, lots of mature plants,

Seems they want us gone or just don't care— which is weird.



    Hey mate have you checked for an intermittent fault on the lighting circuit? The bulbs blowing could be some thing as simple as a short some where in the fitting it could be from dirt or moisture?

    256 volts is a tad high but i dont think its over the limit which is around 260volts? (I am not fully sure). I think its like 230v nominal +/-10% not every where runs 230v.

    Overall voltage will depend on load in the area the more people using electricity the lower the voltage will drop.

    What kind of globes are you using? What style fittings do you have?


    Ta, for your input.

    My issue is that I change bulbs/globes often. Doesn't matter expensive or not- they blow out almost right away.

    This realty treats us like dirt- even though we've done a LOT of lawn work, as previous did nothing.

    Now just looking to move.

    I hate being painted with the same BS (renters don't care) brush- when most times its owners NOT wanting to pay to upkeep their own investment.


    Yeh 253v is max. allowable.

    Have you spoken to the network? They may help

    If not make up some BS, tell them you have a family member who is planning to visit that has sleep apnoea and require reliable voltage for their medical equipment.

    With measuring voltage you will need a voltage logger that has been verified as working correctly, easier for western power to do they have power quality loggers they can leave on site.
    Could be harmonics and dirty power…

    I'd be upset if I lost my Led smart globes@ $70,each


      The globes in the couple of fittings which were replaced have been fine. The others weren't replaced— only the globes were, which blew out within days….I now have other globes burnt out & I cannot figure out how to remove them. My neighbour said when he bought the house next to this one (all the same builder) he had to replace most of his fittings as they did the same. He said they were all different throughout the place & all the cheapest of the cheap.

      The lights which are burnt tilt, but I see no way to remove the globe. I don't feel comfortable yanking the entire fixture out of the ceiling- nor do I think I ought to be doing so. I can imagine a chunk of it breaking & then I'm done for damage to the ceiling.

      Many other things I've reported are to do with things that are going to ruin the property/dwelling & still no reaction.


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