Any Recommendations on Udemy Courses from The past (Posted Here as Freebies)


Just realised that now I have over a couple of hundred courses in my account, thanks to the brilliant ozbargain community:)

Since the number is growing beyond manageable levels, I am reaching to fellow ozbargainers who have accumulated the freebies over time.

Is there any way to tag or categorize courses so that I can put some in trash, some as "must do" and some pending?

Any recommendations on some good courses from the past from those who actually took the trouble to try some out in detail?

Also, is there a way that we could see ratings/reviews of those courses (I can't seem to find them in the overview, once registered for the course)?

Thanks in advance



    People don't actually do the courses.

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    Here's a framework that I use for learning, reading, and watching/listening to lectures, tutorials, courses.

    • My areas of expertise - what else is out there, what's new, etc.
    • My hobbies - what else is out there, what's new, what's leading, etc.
    • What areas don't I know but is a growing area - something to dip my toes in and explore.
    • What areas are important for everyone to have a reasonable understanding of: health, relationships, finances, etc.

    Keep an open mind - that's good, bad, interesting.

    Do a couple on the same/similar topic to get breath and depth in the area.