Good Flashlight / Headlight Deal for Fishing?

Looking to buy a decent headlight / flashlight to use for fishing.

Must be very bright so I can find the prawns / squid and fish in the water at night.


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    I'm tossing between the

    Nitecore HC60


    Both can recharge using microUSB and use a single 18650 battery, some waterproofing so can be used outdoors.

    Both are may be a overkill and expensive (who needs 1000 lumens, right?), but I like a nice built headlamp. I've used too many flimsy, and not bright enough headlamps back in the days.


    wait until aldi do their 3w headligh in the camping sales again, seriously! It's 9.99 and after 2 years of use still beats the 4 headlights my mate has been through when camping! has focus beam which is brilliant and a really bright wide as well. Not keen on flashing mode but I just cycle through it.


    They both expensive.

    Looking for something under $30 ideally on sale.

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