Best Websites That You Go Regularly

Dear fellow Ozbargainers,

Not sure if been posted already but other than daily ritual of checking, are there any websites you would recommend to check out regularly for financial deals or education?

I've come up with following list that I would go at least once a month:

1) - latest credit card deals , how to maximise reward points
2) - compare hotel
3) - compare flight ticket + set up price alert
4) - property investment education, good podcast with regular updates


  • Note: Note affiliated with any of the above, just want good sites
  • Will add on to above list as we go

New ones added (22/5/17):
5) - About financial mindsets - thanks to Cheap Steve
6) - Share portfolio tracker app (free subscription available) - thanks to havabeer


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    There are other websites?

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    Nothing that can be mentioned in polite company.


    Reddit for daily shit-posting relief


    Staticice for gizmo prices. But only when I need something.

    You wrote finance deals and education but then you also toss in skyscanner which is travel.

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    Ok I'm going to give you a top secret site where all the internet people hang out at

    Please do not share or it will become "mainstream".

  • +3 votes pretty much summaries all the best deals from other websites

    That is enough for me


    OZB pretty much.


    One of the most annoying things with hotel price aggregators (Trivago, HotelsCombined and now even Skyscanner, etc) is that price differences are rarely apples to apples. The cheapest price you see may be the non-refundable price on Or it may be the Basic Single room on Expedia that isn't even offered on other booking sites at all. When comparing the same room it's frequently the exact same price everywhere. Trivago is good that it let's you see the description at least.

    Trivago's biggest flaw is also it's best feature. It doesn't show dorm beds - even though they'll happily show a tent. This is great if you're travelling alone but want your own room. Skyscanner just tells you it's a "room" and you'll get all excited for nothing. On the other hand, sometimes you just want the cheapest value place for a dorm bed, though for hostels it's nearly always among the Priceline(Agoda, etc)/Hostelworld (Hostelbookers) duopolies. The other flaw in Trivago and other paid aggregators is the absence of agoda, which is arguably the cheapest place (at least outside China) to book a place in Asia. I don't know if this is true anymore since it's been many years since its parent company bought seemes like the perfect balance for budget travllers until you actually use it. Let's say you want to travel to Labuan Bajo. Or even try spelling it Labuhanbajo. Or even start with the island of East Nusa Tenggara and try narrowing down by dragging the map. Nope! If you're going somewhere mainstream it might work fine and you'll have airbnb prices to compare with.




    I like Reddit, which to be honest can be quite interesting in some areas of education like TIL or even AskReddit, but it's def not suited particularly to education or anything like that, and of course a lot of it is purely entertainment.

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    Mr Money Moustache

  • - For those like me who miss the IMDB discussion forums.

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    Part of my research and portfolio tracking routine.


    Ozbargain. But still if you insist my friend told me about

    But I should say is the best when it comes to deals.

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