AmEx Offers Tracked David Jones Gift Card Purchase

Hi All,

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I've always been one to buy up gift cards on Amex deals with success despite gift cards being ineligible in TnCs. That being said I've predominantly purchased the gift cards in store and swiped my card.

This gift card was purchased online via the David Jones website so it seems like they are able to monitor online transactions and match them up and deny the discount as per the TnCs.

Just thought I'd post a heads up just in case.



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    Did you buy egift cards by any chance?

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      eGift Cards go through a different vendor so unless he tried buying an eGift Card and claiming the statement credit …

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        yeah, thats what im getting at.

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          Plus it looks like they sent a message to them, going by the redacted subject line …

    • Let me confirm

  • Maybe because its a DJ Amex card buying at DJs? Did you buy anything else in the transaction?

    I've previously used Amex Offers to buy gift cards for First Choice Liquor, Woolworths, Dan Murphys, BP & David Jones (not using a DJ Amex) without issue - all credits showed up.

    • I believe the purchase was gift card only.

  • I have received all my credits so far. However each purchase has been a mixture of gift cards and items.

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    You might have gotten the statement credit if you didn't go and message them …

    • She messaged because it never appeared on the statement.

  • I did not get the credit when purchasing a mixture of goods and physical gift card from DJ online. No problems however when purchasing gift cards in store.

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