Sticking Rear View Mirror Back on Car - Advice wanted

So recently I got a car off a friend that unfortunately doesn't have the rear view mirror attached, has been sitting unused for quite a while.

It appears to have been knocked off and has come off with the majority of the metal button still on the windscreen with a small piece of glass coming off with the mirror. The mirror stem is metal too. Size is about an inch square

Just looking for suggestions on what to do. I've tried araldite, loctite rearview mirror adhesive kit, 3M adhesive pad and now sikaflex automotive 227. Nothing has worked so far and it's driving me up the wall.

Surely there is a better option than to just buy a new windscreen and mirror!


EDIT - Pictures - post covering with Sikaflex


  • Suction cup rear view mirror.

    • That will be my last resort!

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      yeah but a photo of what is out the back of the car stuck to the windscreen won't change as ou drive along. It's just not the same.

  • clean surface with isopropyl alcohol, mount with 3M VHB Double Sided Tape 5952.

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    Sounds like surface hasn't been prepped well enough. This from sca has worked for me.…

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      This is what I'm thinking re cleaning, so I might source down some more stuff and try again

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    Clean the surface really good with alcohol.

    You could also close your eyes and lightly sand the surface this may or may not help lol.

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      OMG, why on earth would you sand your eyelids? lol

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        Why, to see you better my dear….

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        That hay fever feeling lol

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    This has happened to me twice in my lifetime in different cars, both times took the car Into a windshield replacement workshop, once they charged me $5 and the next time $0 I think they have access to better specialized adhesives which can chemically bind to the glass - don't waste your time with diy.

    • Wish I did this first up! I'll probably do some cleaning up, and then take it in to the pros

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    A couple of nails will hold it in place

  • From my experience Its usually in 2 Parts, there's the Mount which you fit to the windscreen with glue if needed and after 24hrs you can screw the mirror attachment on , it was an tiny screw at the base. this way there's no weight on the mount and allows it to adhere to the windscreen

  • a small piece of glass coming off with the mirror

    How small?

    • I've now updated the post with an image. Maybe a 1x0.5cm strip

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    Ok, been there done that a few dozen times in the shop.
    1. Buy the correct mirror to glass mounting Adhesive kit from Auto store of your choice.
    2. Read all the destructions….twice. Wear eye protection & gloves are preferred - your safety & surface contamination. Watch the ambient and glass temperature.
    3. Clean the metal base as per said info, to a clean, smooth flat surface.
    4. Clean the glass area the same, and not is same position as before as it is damaged, 25 mm to one side or up/down.
    5. Mark centre or outline on outside with a texta if you feel uncomfortable in finding your X marks the spot on inside.
    6. Prep clean/swab the base & glass with supplied cleaner or Alcohol base cleaning fluid or white spirits.
    7. Mix 2 part adhesive in vile with brush facing upwards. DO NOT TOUCH BRUSH.
    8. Brush base and attach to glass for appropriate time as per info.
    9. Have music on as it takes a few minutes to set…..properly.
    10. In a bag you prepared earlier, dispose of vile and rubbish thoughtfully & safely. It is not a friendly chemical mix.
    11. Pending attachment method of mirror leg, slide on and 'nip' up grub screw to just firm - it is designed to only take
    any free play out & stop it becoming loose. The design of the mount takes all the weight.
    12. Wait the appropriate as per info time to set, and test your install. If this fails and you have followed the
    instructions 100%, you have a surface issue. Contaminated glass and or not cleaned….enough for long term sitting
    /smoking etc as an example. Old adhesive kits are a cause for failure too. I recall redoing maybe 1 in 30 mirrors.

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