expired Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC [PS4] - $14.97 AU (50% off) AU PS Store


Been waiting for a discount on this DLC for a while, even though others say it's so worth it at full price.

On the Australian Playstation store, discounted at 50% off. I believe last time it went on sale was back in March 2017.

Goes without saying that you need Bloodborne base game to play this.

Oh, and FYI: first post. Casual commenter-er

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    Experience an all new story set in the chilling world of Bloodborne™.
    Long ago, the old hunters buried terrible secrets in the ruins of Byrgenwerth. But they are about to be unearthed. Explore brand new environments, including the Clock Tower and the Hunter’s Nightmare – all filled with danger, rewards and deadly bosses – and learn the harrowing tale of hunters who once made Yharnam their playground.
    You’ll find multiple outfits and new transformable weapons to add to your arsenal, including Simon’s Bowblade for a new experience with ranged combat. Play with dark spells and transform yourself into a horrific beast. Welcome back to Yharnam…

    How many hours roughly?

    edit: Just checked on howlongtobeat.com and it says about 10 hours. Not bad

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      Haha. 10hours?
      No way.
      Maybe if you're over levelled.

      It's too beautiful to spend less than a million hours!


    Great timing for me OP, was just about to replay Bloodborne.

    You da man :p


    Really wish it was standalone. I wanna give Bloodborne shot but I don't have the time to do the whole thing. Standalone DLC is bae.


      I don't know if it would have the same impact though.
      Also, the difficult would be too much for a new player.

      It's expecting you to have finished the game


        Fair enough then, I'll give them that.

        Standalone DLC is just something I love though.

        inFamous: Festival of Blood was on sale years ago and I grabbed it for a couple and that got me hooked on the series.
        Dead Rising: Case Zero was what got me into the DR games for a bit too.
        Assassin's Creed: Black Flag saved me a bundle on buying the full thing at the time.
        Shovel Knight: Spectre of Torment on Switch saved me a bunch on the full game, that I later got on disc cheaper on PS4.
        Saint's Row: Gat out of Hell was an absolute blast and I enjoyed it more than SR IV all together.

        And so on. Standalone DLC is great and the more of it the better. That's not a knock on this though, it's just me wishing it was also standalone so I could have a cheap entry point and not need to commit so much time to it, though what you're saying is a perfectly valid reason to not do it that way. I just love standalones if you couldn't tell.


    Spent way too many hours and did not even finish the original game. Just too hard for me. Was finding myself spending hours repeating same level again and again just to level up


    Last time it was on sale PS+ subscribers got an additional discount making it $11.95.

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