Daily Deals Pet Hate

I hate it when all the daily deal websites e.g. Scoopon etc just have stuff like beauty and massage treatments and cash washes! GIVE ME THE FOOD DISCOUNTS! =D

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    According to stats in the USA Beaty and Massage deals are generally the most profitable :)

    • Yeh, because most of the cost in that kind of business is labour. A $400, 1 hour massage, is using about $2 worth of oil, and the masseuse is probably paid about $40. :P

      And, if it gets more people through the door than usual, they have less free space/time, ie. dead money.

  • yea agree, bring on the food deals!
    would like to see more of
    all you can eat places for jap and korean.

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      Asian food doesn't really fit well into the "all you can eat" model though… certainly not Japanese. I tried it over there and it was just so strange.

      • Actually, there's an all you can eat Japanese restaurant about 30 mins from my place, and it's the most excellent idea I've ever encountered..

        You fill out a small slip with the meals you want, and how many, and they just bring it out to you. They ask that you don't over order, and if you don't eat enough of what you order they say they'll charge you extra, but it's all just so damn good!!

        • But that illustrates my point. Japanese food isn't really designed to be scalable like (say) an all you can eat Chinese buffet. They don't just make a cauldron of sweet and sour pork or fried rice, they prepare each dish for you and ask you to order distinct dishes.

          Therefore by the sounds of it what they've done is put down a set price per diner rather than per dish, while still serving discrete dishes.

          • @Tenebrae: the problem with 'ala-cart' asian buffet restaurants is that they will either restrict you by time (eg. 2 hours from the moment you are seated.) or by the portions that they serve you. Been to one that after the initial order (portions weren't any more impressive), we end up waiting for the 'next' order to arrive… which is forever.

            I call BS on all these jap food buffets, food quality is sub par, and I would rather pay full price in a decent joint for proper portions and quality.

            If you want a decent jap feed head to a nearby asian country's jap resturant… the exchange rate will make you feel that you ate a buffet ;)

  • ryang where is this place?? lol it sounds interesting, details details!!

  • I was discussing this very topic with friend. I bought a coupon for a 10X dance pass one for myself, then another one for a friend close to when the deal was finish. the second ticket was #444. WOW 400 coupons sold. that is 4000 potential dance classes. working out the logistics of the people involved. that is a lot of people who would be taking up class spots for full priced spots not to mention how they are going to fit everyone before the coupon expires.

    there was a massage coupon that sold out at 1500. thats 1500 x 1.5 hr
    if you do 4 such massages per day, its 375 days to finish 1500 coupons

    There is a decent time limited japanese buffet in Carnegie, Melbourne. I cannot remember the name of the place, but it was quite good. There is absolutely no ambiance though even the chairs were crap. but the price was reasonable and the food good.

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