Optus Prepaid: New Prepaid Daily Maximiser

For new customers My Prepaid Daily Plus is gone.


Prepaid Daily Maximiser

$10 recharge only gets you 1 week (not 30 days)
$30 recharge only gets you 3 weeks (not 6 months)

$2 now gets you 1 GB but only for a limited time. It reverts to 500 MB in October

Originally $10 recharge got you 6 months. It was then changed to 30 days. Now its just 7 days.

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  • I'm not seeing a lot on this on forums. I don't know if people haven't noticed?

    I got screwed because their web form wasn't working and the chat consultant that activated me didn't inform me. So my first inkling that I only had 7 days left was when i hadn't turned on data or used the thing and I got an SMS informing me there's only 2 days left.

    They've basically just made their $10 cards worthless. it's not worth the time and hassle of activating them. I've got a ton to burn through then I'm not touching Optus again!

  • Doh! Yeah, this new plan must be designed to "maximise" profit for Optus yet Internet searches indicate this change for the worse does not appear to have caused much reaction from customers. I got a few $10 kits I was saving for when I need extra data for a day or two but now the $10 credit will only last 7 days max [argh], thanks for alerting us OP.

  • They are getting rid of this on the 5th. Wonder what they'll come up with next. It is pretty crap, was using it for data every now and then over 6 month or 1 month as needed. Now you essentially have to use it, can't leave it for a rainy day so to speak.

  • So Optus has now gone back to offering My Prepaid Daily Plus


    Get 500MB of data daily for just $2, including unlimited standard national talk and text plus data free music streaming on Google Play Music, iHeartRadio & Spotify.

    $10 recharge lasts 30 days

    $30 recharge lasts 186 days