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Royal Comfort Duck Feather & Down Quilt (All Sizes) $29.95 Delivered @ grouponewarehouse on eBay


Last of the 4 Hump deals for the evening. Stay warm. Enjoy :)

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  • Actually bought it cos coincidentally on the eBay homepage looking to buy something else, then came on OzBargain and saw the deal. So have an up vote anyways :)

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    Did anyone receive this quilt yet? I received an email saying it has been sent last week and was due for delivery yesterday, but the tracking info hasn't updated after AusPost received it on the 8th.

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      Yup, got mine yesterday :)

    • Haven't received mine either. Same dispatch details as yours but Auspost confirmed the tracking code is just a job number and that they haven't even received the consignment yet!
      I'll be asking for a refund. Not gonna wait for the winters to be over for their next consignment delivery. Cheers!

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        Yeah, I am exactly in the same boat as you're. Called them today and they told me the same thing. The guy I talked to even asked me the cost of the item, which I thought meant that it's probably lost or something. Will wait until early next week, and if I don't hear from them then it'll be a refund. Bloody waste of time!

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          Had a nasty little exchange with the rude seller on ebay. Sad experience but they did confirm they hadn't even dispatched the item!!
          Long story short I started the refund procedure with ebay and won't be wasting any more time on this seriously dodgy seller. BTW did anyone see their tax invoice? An absolute joke with nothing to identify the business on it- no abn or sellers business name or anything else. Not in keeping with ATOs mandatory requirements!

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          @Traveller107: Thanks for the heads-up. This will be the first and last time I will ever from them. I was wondering why they were selling those King size quilts for thirty dollars on that night. Should have known better since it sounded too true.

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      Same as you, track link shows the AUSPOST APPROVED on the 8th, seems courier never picked up the item, I had online shopping for years, never had this happened, the seller looks doggy.

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        Aha! Looks like they played us, since Traveller107 above is reporting similar experience as well. I'll make sure not to deal with those dodgy folks ever again.

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      Same here. It was marked as posted last week & I was supposed to receive this no later than Yesterday, but I never received it.

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        Another on! Damn! I wonder if only TA received his quilt and no one else did. Nothing against you, TA, but as it seems something doesn't add up with this seller. Please keep this in mind if you have to post any of their deals in the future, as this sounds very dodgy.

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          Thanks for the heads up. For what it's worth, here's proof of my purchase. The cutlery I posted Wednesday is also from the same seller, but I didn't buy one so will wait for others to confirm in the coming days.

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    Here are reviews of BDirect, for anyone who might be affected by this deal. Wish I came across these reviews before I got involved with them:


    • My shipping info has changed this morning from Processing to in transit at Chullora, NSW

      • Mine hasn't changed at all. The last change is the enquiry I made on Friday: http://imgur.com/a/vRRap

        • Mine tracking number still showing shipping information received on 8th June and after contacting seller multiple time all I get is rude replies. Check one of his recent reply below

          message from: grouponewarehouse (7,938Green Star)

          Your tracking number shows progress and is in transit.

          As explained before this delay is out of my control. What do you expect me to do? Get a job at Australia Post so I can fix their problem as well?

          You will receive your order soon.

          Thank you for your patience.

        • @xXxRoMeOxXx: I tried to use the 'I did not receive' option on eBay last week, but it told me to wait until the 19th, today, before I go ahead with a dispute. But before that, I actually called AusPost and told them the item hasn't shown any progress since the first time they received the shipping info from the seller. Luckily today it's showing they have actually received the item and it will be delivered by the 23d, Friday.

          Don't worry contacting the seller and first contact AusPost. They will lodge an investigation, and if they don't get back to you with a positive news in the next day or two days, then lodge a dispute with eBay. A lot easier and effective, I think.

  • Ha vent received mine as all others same story too. Wonder if I will ever get it?

  • @AussieDaddy: BDirect? My receipt says it's from "Groupone Warehouse" — the ebay storename was "grouponewarehouse" which can easily mislead people to think it's "Groupon E-warehouse". Dodgy as. I've just finally got a Click n Collect notification today when the receipt said it would be ready for collection on 15/6. Should have bought a Tontine instead.

    • Yup! That's the name of the sender on my AusPost account http://imgur.com/a/TgMFJ.

      But you're right, it says 'grouponewarehouse' on the confirmation email I received from them, don't know what's going on there.

  • Still haven't received my order either. The last status update was June 8th. "Shipping information approved by Australia Post
    Jun-08-17, 16:27 PM".

  • I ordered 1 x queen 2 x singles
    I got the queen delivered within about a week but the singles have never appeared still showing dodgy Australia post tracking number.
    I queried why I had the queen but not the singles the response I got was that it was Aust Post fault & I would get it "soon"
    Still waiting, giving them another day or so then starting refund proceedings I think!!

  • Are they just trying to cancel the order by using a dodgy way?

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    For those of you who haven't received this yet, try contacting AusPost and hopefully they'll resolve it. I contacted them last week and they emailed me today that the item is on its way and will be delivered late this week. Good luck!

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    Horrid pos. Will try for a refund or straight to bin. Pointy and stinks

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      Got mine today also & the smell is putrid, even the cat is horrified & wont go near it( no I didn't buy it for the cat but anyway) not sure what to do, it does say dry clean only!

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      Agree, very poor product. How do you try for refund ? Smells of dead ducks.. has been hanging outside last few days in sun to see if it gets rid of smell. Will probably become a dogs blanket.

      • I went return request and one of those. Absolute waste of money

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    Just received mine yesterday, and oh man when I open the packaging it smelt so so bad, have to close it back up, want to get a refund now.

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      yeah trash, what excuse did they give you when asking for a return?

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        This is normal for duck feather products.

        The smell is associated with the quills of the down and feathers and it should recede by doing the below:

        Wash the product on a low setting in cold water and air out the product (do not use the dryer)."
        How can that smell be normal lol.

        • ha, i said you refund now or we can do the dance in 3 days when ebay step in, refunded immediately

  • I got mine last Thursday and am happy with it :)

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      Yup, very happy with mine too :)

      • Snug as a bug in a RUG…THANKS TA. (These type of products will always have some kind of smell).

  • Anyone same as me? order king and queen, issued as same track number, AUS POST doesnt updated, but finally I received queen monday but not the king? Not sure if King is coming or not..

    • Just got mine. The quality looks so bad. The package labelling has been photocopied and there is no visible tag/label on the quilt to even say its royal comfort branded. Looks like a cheap copy to me.

  • Doesn't seem authentic
    Following issues with the purchase- 1.Very very poor quality 2.Smells like dead duck. 3.Photograph on the packaging has been photo copied. 4.No tags attached of authentication 5.Sold by grouponewarehouse delivered by bdirect Whole process seems very dodgy.

    • Agree with you it smells like butcher shop and very poor quality don't know what to do with it . What a waste of 30 bucks.

  • Got a refund today after some very dodgy behaviour by this seller. I ordered x2 double quilts and after two weeks had passed and they still hadn't been delivered I messaged them to ask what the deal was. They apologised and said Australia Post had lost the package. The tracking info was stuck on "Shipping information approved by Australia Post" for those two weeks.

    They told me a new package will be sent straight away (this was last Friday) and gave me the tracking info. Well, the same thing was happening again. The tracking status on the Australia Post website was stuck at "Shipping information approved by Australia Post". I rang Australia Post this morning to ask what was going on and they said this status is only an alert that the goods are ready to be picked up from the sender. So after all this time they never sent anything and also lied about Australia Post losing the goods. I sent them a strongly worded message asking for a refund and without even replying to my message I got the refund. Be weary of this seller.

  • Requested and received a full refund. My one is going to charity. It's unused by me but I think they may even reject it.

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