When Did It Become Normal to Chop a Chicken Wing in Half and Call it Two Wings?

Was just at Lord of the Wings in Indooroopilly. Got eight wings for $14.

When it arrived, was actually 4 wings MINUS the tips, chopped into drummettes and wingettes.

I didn't complain but I won't go back, pretty expensive…

But am I alone in thinking there is a truth in advertising issue here?


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    You mean like KFC?

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      KFC give you the entire wing?

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        Wicked wings are like this

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    Quite a while now actually… my local chicken shop also chops the wings into two bits, and each bit counts as a piece (drumette and wingette). Buffalo wings.

    Even Coles and Woolies selling pre-cooked wings and they are never the full wing, it all looks like this

  • Well when you buy it raw you generally buy it by weight so no big deal there.

    Prefer it prechopped anyhow, more manageable to cook/bbq ad eat

    • Yeah, but when you pay premium at a restaurant for 8 wings and just chop 4 in half it seems kinda dodgy.

      Be different if they called wingettes or drummettes or even just "pieces" of chicken.

      You couldn't cut a apple in half and call it two apples.

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        No, you would call that an applet.

  • Thats what wings are - I'll tell you right now though - you are at the wrong place…..Wingblaster at Clayfield…that is where you need to get your wings….and some Chilli Fries….and just….yep! Just go there right now!…..and get me some wings!

  • Wingettes, Drumettes is what it's called when it's separated.

    Together it's called a Wing. That's how it was when I used to work in a butcher shop in my teens.

    I've seen people call a drumette a drumstick as well :o

    Nowadays, seems like Wings = Wingettes (well most food businesses seem to be naming it like that).

    Personally I think it should be called Wingettes as a more accurate description.