Suggestions for a phone around $250

In the market for a new phone at the moment, upgrading from my iphone 5s I've had for around 4 years. My budget is $250, but I am willing to pay a bit extra if necessary. Would like a phone with expandable memory, minimum 3gb ram. Not too fussed about band 28. From what I've found, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 seems to be one of the best phones for this price bracket. Any experiences with the xiaomi or any better suggestions would be great! Thanks!


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    can recommend samsung c5 - you can pick one up for less than $300 with the ebay 15% off. looks and feels like iphone 6 with aluminium back and expandable memory. imo better than redmi note 4

    • ah just missed the ebay 15% off :(

      • Deals all through June according to eBay facebook so take your time picking a bargain.

        CLAP10 still usable.

  • Had a Red note 3, 2 gig ram, High res screen about $225 from China, looked at Red Note 4, cannot use with Telstra's BAND. Am currently using Oppo F1s 3 Gig RAM 5.5" locked to Optus for $259 from Target/Woolies/Optus shop

    • Rn3p special edition have the missing band 28.

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    If you're willing to read up a bit, and tweak some settings, the Xiaomi phones are great value (between my wife and I we've owned 3: RN2, Mi4, and Mi5).

    With MIUI, I'd suggest reading up on: battery optimisation settings and background data usage, autostart permissions, notification permissions.

    If you don't like tweaking things, I wouldn't recommend MIUI/Xiaomi.

  • Bought a Note 4x from Aliexpress for my mom a couple of weeks ago. Using Optus network with stock ROM. No tweaking done. All good and satisfied with purchase.

  • the Moto G5 is $258 from Harvey Norman. it's got 3gb ram and I think it's your best bet now. You could even go for the g4 play if you wanted to save even more at 187. Also have a look at Oppo F1s i think it's 259 but locked to Optus. Another phone is the LG k10 or DAB phone that was 279 at ALdi - but that was a few months ago. if you're after a gamble you could try Xiaomi online phones or some unknown Chinese brand phone. LOL

    • could you link me to the 3gb variation of the moto g5? I can only find the 2gb ones posted here

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