How often does Jetstar have sales for Japan?

Hi everyone, I'm planning to travel to japan from mid november to early february for a summer language course. How often does Jetstar have sale fare for that period? If i'm lucky, how much would you expect it to be? Alternately, can anybody recommend any other airlines that are cheaper? Cheers :)


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    You missed one that expired this week. It was equivalent to the normal 2 for 1 sale but you could travel solo for roughly half the price. For me it was $550 return Melbourne Tokyo. I always keep an eye out for these sales as I go often however there is no consistancy in price or frequency. Commonly the sale is 2 for 1 but you ALWAYS have to go via Gold Coast or Cairns. If I were to guess when the next one would be, I'd estimate Feb/March next year for travel in May/June. I think you missed the boat on this one for this year as school hols and xmas are coming up. Not too many sales in that period.

    If you know someone with some frequent flyer points you could do return for 60000/72000 + $250 taxes, depending on point of origin. Perhaps Qantas is you best bet for $1400 return. If you are not a frequent flyer and want to join get an everyday rewards card from Woolworths/Safeway and join through that for free. it will save you the $82.50 and then you can earn points on the flight which may be useful in the future.

  • Hi Expon, thanks for the reply.
    Damn thats a shame :( Was that deal posted on here?
    I do have a frequent flyer card i signed up long ago via safeway's everyday rewards card but I don't think it has any points in it, will that still save me 82.50 as you said? Also jetstar's normal fare around that period is around 1000, so isn't that a better option than qantas? Thanks :)

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    You should still be able to get free sign up to Qantas FF program. Go to everyday rewards and log in to do this.

    $1000 for jetstar is cheaper, I just think the points + food + free grog and the knowledge that if the flight is cancelled qantas will look after you where as jetstar you are on your own, is worth a few extra dollars.

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    check out They just opened a new route from KL to Tokyo.

    Grab a flight from Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur, then another flight to Tokyo.

    Flights from Gold Coast to KL is about $146 return.
    Flights from KL to Tokyo is $34 one way!
    Tokyo to KL is $99 one way.
    (prices don't include tax yet)

    That's $279 + taxes. Killer deal.

  • Hi, thanks for that. I live in melbourne though so is there any cheap fare from here to KL?

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      catch a plane from Melbourne to the Gold Coast? Try adioso

  • @bryu81: Are you sure Gold Coast to KL is 146 return? I tried to search on airasia site but couldn't find anything.

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    THer eis Mel to KL direct via Airasia. The Jap flights dont start until Dec though I believe.

    As for JEtstar sales, the last sales for that travel period are unfortunately over according to a travel rep I was talking too. The last was the StarClass sale.

    • I see. The sale that bryu81 mentioned wouldn't help then if that's the case. Guess I'll have to go with Jetstar then. Thanks for the help :)

  • FML just received an email from jetstar telling me about their sale fares after having already booked my ticket. Is there anyway i could change the booking?

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    I'm going on the 30th of November. Got my tickets during the last sale and the prices for the flights on the same day are 200+ higher on this new "sale". Check the dates.. Maybe it's not that much difference.
    I believe JetStarLight and JetSaver are non-refundable. That explains the fare types.

    • Yea mine is JetSaver. Oh well, just did a check and the amount i could have saved is only about $210 so I guess it's not that big of a deal anyways. Thanks for the help btw :)

  • in the MX today

    Osaka via Gold Coast $318. On sale until mightnight of…13 October


    Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Tokyo (Narita, via Gold Coast) $318

    • Yea I saw your comment is the other Air Asia thread, do you think there'll be more deals like this in the future? And those prices do not include tax right?

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