Should I Buy an Xbox One S Now?

Alright so, Fifa on PC doesn't have the player base. This year I wanna play on xbox.

So I'm gunna need a console. Big W atm (I can use after pay easy). Should I be buying that and purchase Fifa 18 on release day? Or are prices are going to get lower than that? Legitimately I just want a console for Fifa.



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    But you could've bought it on eBay with 15% off a few days ago…

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      shit really. missed that. that would have been perfect. I imagine this deal runs out before wednesday too…

      So basically, It could be better and i should wait

      EDIT: Out of stock on the big w store too (profanity)

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        Might as well buy it from Big W in-store with Wish Gift cards for $255.55, and if you know a WOW employee you can get an even further discount. I can't see it going any lower before Fifa is released. Otherwise just get it second hand.


          I get a discount at Target, any sort of equivalent thing to that? Discounted gift cards etc.

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          I don't think coles discounted gift cards are available unless you're an AGL or Blatchy Blues member, so probs only your Target discount if they're willing to match this deal?

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          @doweyy: Seems Target had some sort xbox one deal already for 279. I can get the 5% discounted gift cards though. + my 5% that'd be like $251 if they did the price again.

          Might be better off just getting a second hand console since i literally just want one for Fifa. I dont like the idea of grubby second hand controllers though Lol

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        lol sorry bro, I need to buy an xbox too after I finish HSC so hopefully there will be a good deal for us

        edit: I'm not exactly sure, just saw it the next day and thought i'd missed out too. buying instore as suggested by doweyy is a good option


    september 29?
    just wait.
    the Xbox One X will probably drive down the value of the Xbox One S, or there will be some good sales between then and now.

    Also PS4 is generally considered the better console. No idea why you'd pick the xbox.

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      No idea why you'd pick the xbox.


      1. OP may have mates on Xbox
      2. XB controller > PS controller
      3. 4k movies
      4. Xbox One X
      5. Halo
      6. Forza
      7. Games with Gold
      8. PC game potentially free with Xbox game

    Pick up one of those cheap EA Access games pass (under $30 for 12 months). That'll give you access to most of the FIFAs and other sports games.


      I have a lot of the Fifa's over the years. 08 09 11 12 14 15 17 Lol

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    1: Gaming PC
    3: PS4 Pro
    4: PS4/Slim
    4.5: Xbox One X
    5: Xbox One/S
    6: Nintendo Switch
    7: PS3
    8: Android Console/Shield TV
    9: Xbox 360
    10: Wii U
    11: Apple TV Console

    Keep the PC for gaming, get the console you want for the exclusive titles.


      Yeah I got my gaming PC. Fifa's player base one PC is a bit rubbish. Hence I want an Xbox one (rather the xbox controllers over playstation personally)


        I suggest you get a PS4 Pro… the "Pro" isn't necessary but it will mean slightly less crappy experience and actually more future-proof. There's good deals popping up for the Pro every once in a while. There's things to like about both the XB1 and PS4 controllers, but neither are actually better than the other when it comes to playing Fifa.

        Besides Fifa, there's lots of exclusive titles on the PS4 platform that you'll only be jealous about from the XB1.

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          Yeah i wouldn't mind that Crash Trilogy. I imagine there's a spyro in the works too… Again though, i dislike the controllers. Be funny if i end up with both though.

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      wow. how one would rank the 360 below 'android console' is beyond me.


      How is the yet-to-be-released Xbox One X ranked lower than PS4? Besides, it is 50% more powerful than the Pro?


        Because the PS4/Pro is better… why?
        Games that's why.

        Even the Xbox One S is behind the old/slow PS4 in terms of performance, and there's a lot more interesting AAA titles coming for the PS4 instead of the Xbox. The Xbox One X could turn the tables, but it definitely won't be overnight. Maybe the Xbox will catch up, maybe it won't.
        But until then, Microsoft is playing second-fiddle to Sony.

        Not being a fanboy or anything… that's why PC Gaming is on top.
        I mean even an old system from 2012; i5-2500k and GTX 680, will give the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X a run for their money.
        Or you can do a low-end system from 2016, scale down to G4560 and GTX 1050Ti, which is just as fast as the above.
        And scaling to a mid-range system from 2017; to R5 1600 and GTX 1060 (6GB), should eat both alive.
        …there was a time when Consoles were impressive machines, that died after the Xbox 360.


          Hardware of that age wouldn't push 4K with the amount of detail the Xbox One X is capableof. It would even struggle against the PS4 Pro. VRAM and low level optimizations will push it beyond the average computer. Microsoft had baked in DX12 hardware features right into the GPU. Not even a GTX 1080 can really guarantee 60fps at 4K. My SLI GTX 670s cant go near 4K with any title released in the past two years. For point with the games though, Microsoft has fallen way behind in the area of first party titles.


          Don't get your hopes up.

          Everyone says "Consoles don't have to be as Powerful as a PC" etc etc… but drivers and optimisations on a PC are so good that it doesn't matter, and PC's usually have much much better hardware that leaves more than enough headroom for things. The only thing that sucks are games that are built Console-first then ported to PC in rushed/dodgey state. Case in point Batman: Arkham Knight…

          I mean you can build a PC equivalent of a PS4 Pro and it won't be as good; true.
          But you can build a little better and it will be a little better.
          There's really no drawbacks for PC Gaming, and you're only limited by your knowledge on it. It's only the exclusive titles you should be jealous of the consoles.

          SLI doesn't work on all games, and the ones it works on they're usually not optimised well for it.
          Your dual-670 setup is close in performance to a GTX 690, and that card might have performance around a single GTX 980.
          A GTX 980 can't do 4K, you know this, everyone does. Not even the GTX 980Ti was agile at it, a GTX 1070 is slightly better and it can't do it properly. You really need to step up to a GTX 1080/Ti for proper 4K.
          Now let's say you've got the GTX 1060 (6GB) card instead, which means better drivers and game optimisations, DX 12 blahblahblah compared to your SLI-670. You can get 4K by setting the resolution to 4K, enabling Resolution Scaling to 80%, Turn on Temporal Filtering, reduce the settings from Ultra to Medium-High, and reduce the Anti-Aliasing to FXAA. You'll be hitting anywhere from 40-60fps depending on the title, and the image will be much softer… however, you would still get a good fidelity boost as you do with increased resolutions.

          What does all that jargon mean?
          You're lucky if a SLI-670 could do 4K, when we can barely achieve it on a much a better single-1060 using hacks.
          A PS4 Pro's hardware is much much weaker than a single-1060, and the Xbox One X actually is not much more powerful.
          The PS4 Pro's GPU is as fast as a Underclocked RX470… or a regular GTX 1050Ti.
          The Xbox One X's GPU is as fast as a Underclocked RX580… or a regular RX 470.
          The GTX 1060 (6GB) is better than both, not to mention memory runs faster on PC, there's more memory, and there's no CPU bottleneck.

          The 1050Ti is only as fast as the GTX 960, which is about as fast as a single-GTX 680. So yes, it really is true, that a system from 2012 can compete head-to-head with these New Consoles.



          Consoles still have very custom hardware and powerful SDKs taking advantage of that fact. There is no point comparing the Xbox One X GPU to a RX580 (aside from it being a Polaris chip), because Microsoft has done a lot of work to the chip. The big thing I highlighted earlier, and will again, is that they baked parts of the DX12 API directly into the hardware, pulling them from the software.

          To quote Andrew Goossen in an EuroGamer interview, "We essentially moved Direct3D 12,… We built that into the command processor of the GPU and what that means is that, for all the high frequency API invocations that the games do, they'll all natively implemented in the logic of the command processor - and what this means is that our communication from the game to the GPU is super-efficient."

          Yes PCs are more versatile, and yes you could be a PC more powerful than the Xbox One X, but you'll be dropping much more than $650 on it. PCs will always have an abstraction layer, regardless of how low-level the drivers go. Consoles let developers get much closer to the metal.


          You've got it wrong.

          Consoles follow the lead that PC's create, this is no secret.
          DX 12 and Vulcan are API's built for PC's, and these only trickle down to Consoles.
          Consoles are more efficient than PC's, I already told you that… but the difference is very small these days.

          Why do you think they implemented a chip to do SOME processing of DX12 commands?
          Because the console is heavily limited by the cpu, so this smaller access path increases bandwidth, reducing bottleneck.
          So this custom chip isn't for surpassing PC's… it's merely to catch up to them.
          And because of the way Developers work… this feature may NOT even be utilised.

          What am I saying?
          The Xbox One X is on-par with the PS4 Pro. It may even be slower in some cases. But in general it should be identical, and only slightly better. Think of the performance difference as SMALLER than the performance difference between the OG XB1 and OG PS4.

          A full-blown GPU like the RX580 will eat the Xbox One X. That's what we can intelligently estimate.
          Over time, the Xbox One X will cost MORE than a Gaming PC. Whilst the PC will be more capable, have more titles, and do everything at a higher-graphical fidelity. What you pay for consoles is the: Lower-upfront cost and Simplicity.

          An analogy would be like:
          It's like paying for a $80 monthly for a Vodafone Plan, getting you 6GBs slow-LTE, and an iPhone 6 with 16GB storage. In 24 months that is $1,920 total, locked-in until paid.
          Compared to paying $40 monthly for a Telstra BYO, getting 8GBs fast-LTE, and a Samsung Note 8 with 128GB storage, plus a 128GB microSD card, Spigen Kickstand case, G4S GameSir Pad, GearVR, Portable charger, Dex dock, Spare S-Pen, at upfront for $750. Total cost coming to $1,700.
          ….yes, the difference in Value between Consoles and Gaming PC's really are that large!!

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          I don't think you have your argument very straight. The Xbox One X is 50% more powerful than the PS4 Pro. That is like bolting another PS4 on top of the PS4 Pro. 6TF vs 4TF. Much larger gap than there was with the Xbox One vs PS4. Are you deliberately trying to mislead people?

          Remember, the higher the resolution, the less work the CPU has to do. It's well known the AMD Jaguar architecture is average at best, but Microsoft has worked hard on heavily modifying the chip and further improving it's performance. If you believe their numbers, that's an extra 30% boost over the PS4 Pro (which was a boost of ~30% over the PS4). Furthermore, the Xbox One X contains an extra 4GB GDDR5 providing an ~100GB/s bandwidth over the PS4 Pro. So it's fair to say that it'll be more than enough for 4K at 30/60FPS, especially as that's what they're targeting. The PS4 Pro can't easily hit that level and will be left in the dust.

          Yes, the RX580 is clocked higher, but the Xbox One X GPU has 4 more CUs. Pair that with the in-die optimizations, the Xbox One X GPU is a superior chip. Here is the maths to back it up:

          PS4P - 2304 shaders x 0.911 GHz x 2 FLOP/cycle = 4.2 TFLOPS
          RX580 - 2304 shaders x 1.257 GHz x 2 FLOP/cycle = 5.8 TFLOPS (~6.6 TFLOPS with OC)
          XOX - 2560 shaders x 1.172 GHz x 2 FLOP/cycle = 6.0 TFLOPs

          Again, I can't stress enough that developers can and will optimise for console hardware to a much deeper level than that of PC. PC has to support several generations, performance levels, and vendors. Add on that the very nature of the Windows OS preventing anything getting that low to the hardware for compatibility and security reasons. Both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X are excellent value propositions vs a full blown gaming PC.

          At the end of the day, I dunno if you are being serious or just messing with people. I honestly don't care - get what every system you can afford and enjoy the games, but please don't spread 'alternative' facts.


          I think the Scorpio is somewhere between 25-50% faster, but its hard to draw absolute conclusions.
          Overall it was supposed to be about 35% faster than the PS4 Pro… which isn't a substantial improvement especially when you consider the PS4 Pro will be a year older.

          I think you over-value the marketing ploys of Consoles a bit much.
          Don't forget, consoles are constricted to a lower power draw when compared to Desktop PC's.
          So they can't just * magically* get as fast as a PC while using significantly less power; they are using the same technology efficiencies!

          I can't stress enough that there really isn't this big chasm of software enhancements on Consoles vs PCs.
          Sure back in the days of the GameCube and earlier, consoles had games encoded close to the Metal. PC's lacked that.
          Fast-forward to 2009 and PC titles are now nearly as efficient, and the slight overhead is completely put awash by the significant more power available. That's why Gaming PC's from 2012 are still Powerful and Relevant, in contrast to, Consoles a la Wii U from the same era. Or even Gaming PC's from 2009: Direct3D X10, i7-860, GTX 480… it's barely running games on Low Settings at 1080p, think Doom, one of the lightest and most optimised titles achieving only 34fps… slightly better than Intel's HD 630/Iris.

          All I can tell you is that neither the PS4 Pro, nor the Xbox One X can do 4K properly. They can't even do 1440p gaming properly. But there will be noticeable improvements over the PS4 and Xbox One. When the PS4 released it was equivalent to a low-end PC, and now with the Fastest/Scorpio its equivalent to a low-mid range PC.

          A PC that has a G4560 and GTX 1050Ti will be somewhere around the hardware-level of the PS4 Pro/XBX, but would likely be a little worse graphically. A low-end R5-1400 and RX470 should be equivalent in performance. Whereas a mid-range R5-1600 and GTX 1060 (6GB) will perform better than either. That's based on my analysis. From your analysis it sounds like the Scorpio will run as well as a i7-7600k and GTX 1070, which I don't share.

          I guess Murph, you and I, we will have to sit back and wait for December… wait and see who is more accurate in their estimation.

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    Just wait for this Wednesday. There might be another 15% off site wide.

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    Maybe wait for the Xbox One X launch and see what One S deals there are. The 3 Xbox One's I've bought have been at the end of year sales direct from MS store online. MS always has really good early Christmas sales.

    I got the Fifa 17 Xbox One S bundle last year for 279, when it's RRP was 349. And I got a further 10 or 12 back from cash rewards.

    And this year I'd imagine because of the One X Ms would have some sweet bundles on the One S.

    Yea fully agree, I'd never buy a second hand console because of the old controllers as well as who knows what the owner has done, maybe dropped it etc.. A console is something you keep for ages, so spending 50-100 more for new is worth it, at least for me.


      When are we upgrading to the One X Zylam? Maybe we should go for another long drive like last time and also end up with 2 copies of the bundled game :P

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        LOL when you sell our One S's and we upgrade for 50, then you brag about how yours came first and then complain how it was yours that had to be faulty LOLOLOL.

        So in others words, this November?


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          Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Sounds good, we should get the Forza bundle

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    What about this guy:

    Xbox bundle new for 250?


    I am contemplating on buying an XBOX too … but I will need it for Christmas … so what's the chance the price will go down even lower between now and Christmas? Thanks.