Amaysim NBN Service Quality Up To Scratch?

I'm interested in taking up Amaysim's offer of 1st month free & no-contract service. I'm in country SA if there's any relevance.

Anyone out there have any experience with this mob? Is the service up to scratch?

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  • Their NBN plans are pretty new, perhaps read through the Whirlpool thread / ask people for an update.

  • You don't have to go Amaysim for a free month and no contract. For example, you can get that from Belong although they charge 5 bucks extra per month. There would also be other providers that offer the same. Asking for opinions on Amaysim NBN is not going to be very productive since they just moved into that space. Nothing against Amaysim, I have 3 mobiles with them but unless they offer loyalty discounts I like to keep things separate. It can be less complicated if you want to make changes. The Whirlpool suggestion is good.

    • I think you should go for Whirlpool suggestion. Amaysim NBN sounds good. Lets try free how it work!


    One thing I don't particularly like about Amaysim is their phone support, every time you call them they tend to make you wait for about 10 minutes, sometimes longer. All other (mobile or internet) companies I've tried are much better than that.