Best Flagship Phone of 2016

I'm considering purchasing a new phone. Common sense dictates that I should avoid this year's flagship phones because of their unjustifiably astronomical prices. Instead, I've resolved to finding a gem amongst last year's phones.

What in your opinion is the best flagship phone of 2016? Why?


  • Local stock Zuk Z2 with eBay discount code/s. As long as you can live without OIS and NFC. (There is somewhat of a settings adjustment that can compensate for no OIS)

    Just my opinion. I don't think there is a better value phone around with more support online and cheap replacements screens etc. Your local Asian mobile Shop will replace for a reasonable fee.

  • S7.

  • A newer mid-range phone from 2017 may also be a decent option

  • I think you should look at the specs and reviews and work out the best bang for buck with what you want to achieve. It might be worth getting the newer phone if it has what you want. Personally I haven't updated my phone since I got my iPhone 6 plus 'cause it still does what I want it to. However, I will be eyeing off the iPhone 8 when it is released and have been considering the Samsung S8. Then again I was considering the Note7, until it had an internal combustion engine. Sometimes older can mean out of date, as well as cheaper.

  • HTC 10 but I'm biased hahaha

    I believe they're $599 at JB Hi-Fi

  • Iphone se because Apple make the best of the best of the best world class phones in the world + 1. You haven't used a real phone unless it's an iphone

  • note 7. it comes with in built self combustion feature.

  • OnePlus 3T… Clear winner among the smaller names… It even beats most of all the big names as well

  • Google Pixel XL

  • I think the lg g6 makes most other 2016 flagships not worth the trouble if you don't mind the lack of local warranty. Heck, the mi5/mi6/lemax2 makes you question the need to buy any other phones from any year.

    But if it must remain local stock, I'll choose between moto g5+ and htc 10. They're the biggest money savers in the local scene.