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25% off All Garage, Gate & Car Keys/Remotes (Most from $15) + Free Shipping @ Remote Pro


Hi Ozbargain, Happy Saturday from Remote Pro!

We have 25% off everything on the site & free shipping Australia wide to celebrate the start of financial year.

We mainly specialise in garage/gate remotes but also stock car remotes, some VR Headsets and various other electronics.

My name is Michael and if you have any questions or are not sure which product is right for you please comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Even if you are not looking to buy and have a general question about your garage motor, please ask below!

Please note that we also have an eBay store of the same name and several of our items may be more affordable via eBay.

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  • does "B&D Compatible Remote - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/316361 " compatible with "B&D Remote Model No 062171/A332EBD" ? thanks

  • +1

    I have bought a lot of items from these guys and I recommend them.

  • Hi Michael,

    Got a Chamberlain Merlin WhisperDrive MT3850 garage motor. One of the remotes (the big rectangle one) works fine. But the other two (bear claw - mini remote?) need to pressed for a painfully long time to get the garage door open.

    Would this likely be a remote issue, lifter issue or a battery issue in the remote? Would consider buying a remote if it were likely to resolve my issue.

    • +1

      Try a new battery first, or swap the batteries around.
      I had the same problem with a remote that was v unresponsive - fixed completely by a new battery!

      • Thx pencilman, had tried it a couple of months ago but no luck. Will try again.

        • Yes, I agree. Battery would be the first step.

  • how much to get key cut normally?

    • Key cutting is normally $20-30

  • My son has a CJ Lancer that he bought at Auction and it only came with 1 working key. How much to get another key with working remote buttons?

    • This will most likely cost $50-100. We do not stock complete keys but a locksmith will be the best place for this.

      • Don't know about eastern state, but here in WA, everyone charge $230+…freaking rip off!

  • Do you have aby of the Forza Blue like this one? also do you know if it is a rolling code or static?

    • Unfortunately we do not stock this one.

  • So I've purchased compatible remotes before for my B&D garage door remote. But when I clicked to open the garage door, it would unlock/lock the car at the same time. I mean who wouldn't want that? 2 for the price of 1 right?

    Do you know why this happens? I'm assuming the frequency was not correct?

    • That is very strange. I have not heard of this happening before. Most likely a frequency problem.

  • Have a Cobra 7777 replacement?

    • Unfortunately we do not stock this one

  • Do you have something to replace a FAAC XT2 443mhz remote?

  • Do you have a substitute for elsema fmt 201? What's the Price?

  • Hi Michael,

    If I am understanding the instructions correctly, it seems I can add the new compatible remote without directly accessing the receiver. (Accessing my receiver would be difficult, involving removing pop-rivets, etc)

    But, I am a bit confused by the Nice Flor-S Compatible Remote instructions;

    1. Press and hold the button on the new remote for at least 5 seconds
      and then release.
    2. Press the button on the already programmed remote 3 times slowly.
    3. Press the button on the new remote slowly and then release.

    My remote, and the replacement remote you sell, both have FOUR buttons.
    So which button is "THE button" ???

    Thanks in anticipation…

    • +1

      I'm not Michael, but if it's like mine "The" button means "Any" button. Just the same button both times. This button then becomes the one that opens your door. If it's like mine, you can use it on four different garage doors. One button per door.

      • Thanks AlbyDuck,

        Unfortunately my system seems to be different to yours.
        I have four buttons, one button for "Up", another for "Down", one for "Pause", with the final button used for "calibration" (not used on a daily basis).

        I assumed what you are saying might be the procedure, in which case I would probably need to repeat the process for each button.
        But I also thought that there could be a specific button, which ties the remote(s) to the receiver.
        That is why I was asking for clarification - I would hate to get it wrong, and lock myself out/in, or de-register my original remote…
        I want to buy, but obviously I want to check if it will work first.

        I guess Michael is skipping the questions he doesn't know the answers to, or just getting too many questions ;-)

        • Most likely just missed it. Pm him maybe.

        • @AlbyDuck:

          Thanks again.
          Already tried that last time - maybe the rep doesn't know about PMs…

        • The buttons you are reffering to are on the motor itself, these are not used to program the remote. Please send through some pics and we will be able to clarify this for you.

        • @RemotePro:

          No. the buttons I am referring to ARE on the remote - I have no direct access to the motor itself.

        • @oz-dave:

          That is very strange, please reply with an email of your remote and motor photos and I will be able to assist further.

        • @RemotePro:

          Remote looks exactly like the one in your photo with four buttons.

          Left upper/lower buttons will allow "Up" and "Down" respectively, one of the right buttons will allow you to "Pause" the process.

          The motor is inside the "axle" of the roll-up door, and the door retracts into a colorbond housing that is pop-riveted together to keep it "sealed" from the elements - it is not possible to access the motor without dismantling everything.

          Edit : I just saw your response below - it sounds like it is not going to be possible without accessing the motor :-(

    • +1

      Thank you very much for your email. Sorry I missed this one. I'm going back through slowly for any others I have missed. Sometimes you can program new remote without accessing the receiver (you will require an oriingal remote that is working to do this). Other times you must access the motor/receiver to program the remote. There generally are never rivets involed and usually one screw at most. If you are unsire where this is , please email through a few photos and we can assist further. THE BUTTON on the old remote is the button that currently operates the door and THE BUTTON on the new remote is the butoon you wish to program to your door. Please let me know if you have any questions, as we would be more than happy to assist with any additional queries.

      • Thanks Micheal,

        I have three buttons for Up / Down / Pause
        So as per above, would I need to repeat the sequence three times, for each different button?

        • +1

          To program specific functions for specific button will need to be done at the motor. I have never heard of this being done remotely.

        • @RemotePro:

          Thanks again - it sounds like I will need access to the motor - although when the installers programmed it, I was sure they used the fourth "calibration" button on the remote (and not the motor) to achieve this…

  • hi Michael, I have a sdo-1v1 opener. Will the b&d tritran work? I am using the same remote currently e.g. red with 4 black buttons. thanks.

    • Yes, if you are using the same remote, this will be suitable.

  • Hi Mate,

    Do you have a door remote for Toyota Camry 1997 (it has one button on the original remote).
    If you do, whats the price on them?

    Thanks in advance


    • Unfortunately we don't stock this. But if your button is worn out you can get new buttons on eBay for about $10

  • Is mote-au ebay seller also you? Same area and appears as mote pro.

    • I'll take that as a yes.

  • Hi,
    Do you know when you'll have more stock of the Mitsubishi Flip key?
    Cheers :)

    • It's due in stock very soon. Hopefully this week.

  • Do you have a remote for a 2003 Toyota Camry Altise? Would like to have the key and remote in our. Even a flip key is welcomed.

    • Unfortunately we do not stock these

      • Ahh thanks for the reply.

  • Hi do you have remote keys for b&d garage door? I have an app on my phone but it sucks. Model is sdo-2v2adv picture here https://goo.gl/photos/vJ8UYTMkLA6zARFj7

    • This is out of stock at the moment but will be back in stock this week it's called a B&D TB6 remote

  • I have a larger garage door remote with 'magic button' written on it. Elsema Australia written on the back. About the size of a packet of cigarettes. Do you offer generic smaller remotes that might fit on a keyring ?

    Picture here…

  • +2

    Just to add my 'fake' praise. Bought a replacement garage remote from them at their last sale. Price was a fraction of the 'genuine' replacement part, delivery was prompt and it's still working fine quite some time on.

    • +1

      Same story here. Bought a generic one and still going strong. Lives on my keyring too so cops a bashing in my pocket.

      • +1

        Thanks guys. Really appreciate the support!

  • +1

    You can probabky find same products cheaper from mote_au ebay store. Probably same company aswell

    • As mentioned previously a handful of our products are cheaper on our eBay store.

  • Hi Michael,

    Do you have a remote for a Merlin MT800? Can't really see which one it is on the website. My original remote is a 3 button one

  • Bought a remote from your last sale and it was excellent. Can I ask if you have a slim2e remote duplicator?

    • Unfortunately we do not stock this one

  • Hi Michael,
    I can't seem to find a compatible remote to Liftaway LA238 (it's a garage door opener sold by bunnings).
    The original opener has exposed buttons that manages to get accidentally pressed in my pocket - I was hoping to find the type where the buttons are accessible behind a sliding mechanism.
    Are any of your other remotes compatible with the LA238?

    • Unfortunately we don't stock this one

  • Hi Michael,

    Do you sell Activor remotes for Hills alarm sets, as per here: https://www.hills.com.au/media/file_uploads/S1890A/S1890A_NX...

    It is 433.92 MHz Keeloq rolling code: 4.3 billion combination

    Alternatively, I need some of the covers that slide over the remote. I have 2 remotes, would like more, but my main issue is that both sliding covers have broken and I accidently alarm the alarm when it's in my pocket.

    • Thank you very much for your email. Unfortunately we do not stock a suitable product. Sorry I could not assist further. Please let me know if you have any questions, as we would be more than happy to assist with any additional queries.

  • Hi Michael

    I need the Eco Doors Compatible Remote but the garage door was installed in 2016. Is there an alternative I can use?

    • Thank you very much for your email. Unfortunately we do not stock a suitable product. Sorry I could not assist further. Please let me know if you have any questions, as we would be more than happy to assist with any additional queries.

  • got one compatible with merlin m804?

  • Can I get a garage remote to open my neighbours garage?

    • You certainly can! But you will need access to the motor be able to get it to work.

  • GDO-9 DynamO (Automatic Technology)…. says on my garage opener… Is there a low cost generic device?

    Just got remote out of car - Says Automatic Technology - PTX 5V2 (looks just like your ATA one - https://www.remotepro.com.au/collections/ata/products/ata-pt... rebranded)

    Is there a generic version of this?

    • Unfortunately there is no generic remote for this one yet.

  • I have a FMT-202DA remote. I would like a second one. Or a cheaper alternative. Do you have one?

  • Do you have remote for Toyota Camry Sportivo V6?

  • With the VE flip keys can these be used if you have a normal standard VE key and want to change it over to a Flip key?
    Also what sort of price does it normally cost to have the key cut??
    Thank you!

    • Yes, this is what it is used for. It is a conversion to go from a normal key to a flip. Key cutting is usually $20-30

  • Highly recommended this company! I bought about 6 remotes from them for the past few months.

    My first order went missing (Thanks Auspost) and Michael (Sales Manager) immediate sent similar one without any charges. Thanks Michael! :)

    • Thank you very much for your kind words!

  • Hi can you tell me the difference between RPC401 here https://www.remotepro.com.au/products/eco-doors-compatible-r... & RPC401 here https://www.remotepro.com.au/products/ata-ptx-4-garage-remot... One is priced at 25.00 the other 15.00?

    Is this one the same one on your ebay store http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ATA-garage-gate-door-remote-contr...

  • Your website price is more than your price on ebay and has been the price for a long time now on ebay. no genuine discount



    • Thank you very much for your email. As stated in the deal description, there is several items on our site that are more affordable on our eBay store.

  • All the best for your business.

    • Thank you!

  • I would like a smart control type of device, allowing me to open garage by iphone and Google Home. Anything meeting this criteria?

    • There are some smart receivers you can add. Not sure about compatibly with Google Home. You essentially only need a wireless receiver and wire this to your motor.

  • Hey Michael,

    Do you have any remotes compatible with a Jaytech 1200 motor ? Thanks !

    • Unfortunately we do not stock this one

      • Damn, that sucks :(
        Thanks anyway

  • Do you have anything to replace an Elsema FMT-202DA

    Really after something smaller, not fun carting the huge remote around when cycling.

    Would this work?
    or better yet, this?

  • Hi Michael, my gate motor is an eBay special from about three years ago and the specs refer to it a as Gateopener - IMP ATOGOP350SIMADJA. The motor has been pretty good but we have a few problems with the range of the remotes. The remotes are black with open, close and stop buttons. Do you have remotes for these that would work over a range of 15 metres consistently?

    • +1

      Generic motors are tough to identify what remotes are being used. There's a few options. Either purchase a booster antenna (we don't sell these but you can get them in eBay for about $50) or add on a new receiver to the motor which uses different remotes.

  • I'd like to have one of the blank buttons in our car as a garage opener. Any easy instructions on how to do this? Can I just buy a new genuine button for the car and solder it to the remote hidden under the button?

    • More than likely you could open the remote and solder wires from the remotes button to an aftermarket button attached to your dash

      Could also hardwire power from the lighter socket since most remotes run on 12v

      • I agree, there is no easy solution apart from buying a remote and making it work by doing something similar as explained by blonky.