What Safety Measures Do You Use during Torrenting? VPN/etc

Read some other forum post on torrenting and now am just wondering if it is still safe to torrent naked aka no vpn or anything.

Leave me your advice comments opinions whines.

Is anybody receiving any infringement notices or dmca's etc?


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    I use a VPN that's it. Haven't received any notices etc.

    Edit: what torrent sites do you guys use nowadays?

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      I wont post and URLs , as I'm sure its against the rules.

      1337 (make sure adblock is on)

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        url's would be nice since there are so many fake websites, i like TPB for that reason.

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          Messaged you :)

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          @BensonP: You're the real MVP

        • @BensonP: can I get the link to?

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          That one named after a green citrus fruit is still excellent.

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          @PJC: lime?

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          Messaged :)

        • @BensonP: Msg me too :)

        • @edrenalin:

          Nah ;)

        • @PJC:
          The green citris fruit on a … 'wire'?
          Wasn't that shady AF with quite a bit of misnamed content?

        • @Ausbob: No, the name ends with T******s.cc and it works fine for me.

        • @BensonP: hi can I have the link too thanks

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        Rarbg is pretty good, stumbled upon this site after finding that username on piratebay.

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      Privates trackers.

  • Have been using Private Internet Access for about 3 years. Has been flawless!

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    Have been using ExpressVPN on an Australian server for a few months now. Have experienced no drop in speeds so have it on all the time. Highly recommended…
    I wouldn't torrent naked anymore, its far too dangerous with the metadata laws in place.

    • Is it hard to set up?

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        No easy as mate. I am not very technical when it comes to computers so I needed a VPN with easy setup.
        Essentially for PC/MAC you download and install their program and after logging in, you connect to the required server. For mobile devices, you download the app and login and connect. Nothing to it.

      • ExpressVPN is great and extrememly easy to setup (download file and run it). It is a bit pricey though (~AU$120/year)

        • correct I find it a bit pricey

  • I have this third party account that does the torrent downloads for me and I get a direct link, I think that's relatively safe when I want to torrent.

    • Care to share?

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        the website is real-debrid, it's pretty good actually.

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    I use Windscribe not that I pirate anything. do you need to worry with VPN for old movies and tv shows?

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    been using PIA for a couple of years now without any issues.

    something i did find out about google chrome web rtc is enabled by default, not to sure on how this works but if this is on even though you're using a vpn you REAL IP can still be detected. So yeah you can still be tracked that you were on a torrent site etc.


    never in my life would i expect to type these words…….i've been using IE for browsing whilst using my vpn

    • I use https://chromium.woolyss.com over nordvpn myself. See what you're leaking at https://ipleak.net, can even launch a fake torrent to see your IP. Webrtc and DNS leaks will light you up like an Xmas tree. Whether someone is watching or not is the chance you take.

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    Do your VPNs effectively turn off the torrent as soon as you lose the connection to a remote server? Have you tested?

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      yes for Windscribe if firewall is on

    • Yes. PIA has a killswitch for that.

      • I have windows firewall to stop torrenting if VPN is disconnected. I have been with PIA for 2 years and some, never had any trouble.

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    Fluro vest and steel capped boots.

    • Excellent, you don't want any OH&S issues later on because you weren't wearing the right safety gear while torrenting.

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    VPN + Private Trackers only for me

    Also, just to be sure, anytime i have to pay for VPN, i use a prepaid credit card

    • Aren't you required to provide some form of personal details to activate a prepaid credit card? Or is it anonymous?

      As for trackers, any suggested ones we should look into?

      • I needed to show ID when i bought it, but it wasn't recorded anywhere. When I activated it, i needed to put details but i just made it up and it registered fine (it's about 5-6 years old though, originally purchased from Australia Post)

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      Is there much point in paying using a prepaid credit card if the VPN provider has your IP anyway?

      • This is key, you are putting your trust in the VPN provider.

    • You could go to full paranoid and pay by Bitcoin- tumbled of course.

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    Bikies protect me

    • Lifetime protection?

  • Anyone use the Chrome extension Betternet? I do but I'm not sure if that's enough protection.

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      Never heard of Betternet before but sounds surprisingly good. Third party advertisers get access to your cookies- I don't know if that is a security problem. Is it? Very limited choice of server location.

      This reviewer says they've been caught embedding malware and tracking into their VPN apps.


  • I use CyberGhost, the free version, lasts for 3 hours before disconnecting.

  • VPN's are for suckers

  • vpn to get the magnet link, seedr dot cc to stream the torrent to the Chromecast. torrented files never touch my computer.

  • No VPN. I just stream it all.

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