PS4 Keeps Going into Reset Mode

Hi all,

I have been playing HZD for a couple of weeks and noticed the PS4 randomly resets. It takes 4-5 mins before it resets and I can't pinpoint why it happens.
Anyone have this issue?
I googled and many ps4 users have this issue but couldn't find a solution.

Thing I have tried -
- Restart PS4 - usually the issue goes away for an hour
- clean/vacuum the PS4

Someone suggested a new HDMI cable, but I haven't tried that yet.

Any help would be appreciated! :-)



  • Depend on how old & usage of your PS4. But try put it upward/vertical position or buy a PS4 stand with fans.

    • Have used a lot of consoles till now to go on this path.
      It's 2 years old and not often used.

  • Does it have enough ventilation around it?

    Would be nothing to do with hdmi

    • Well ventilated though could be dusty. Vacuumed it but not sure what else is needed.

  • Could be a firmware issue - have you updated the console recently? Has it downloaded and installed the latest update? Does it only happen during HZD?

    • Updates fine and is recent.
      Good question, will check. Never used to happen when I played BF1, let me try it tonight.

  • Remove the power cable from the PS4, remove the HDMI cable too - then continually tap the power button. You'll notice it will keep beeping even though there's no power. Gets rid of any residual power in the PS4. Not a permanent solution, but it is a band aide.

    • This sounds good, I will try it tonight.
      Thanks a lot!

  • Could be a heat issue, have you tried opening up the PS4 and cleaning the fan and heatsink?

    • oh no just assumed PS4 would be better at dissipating heat than earlier ones.
      Have you tried it?

      • I do it regularly. No issues here.

      • Did it solve your issue?

        • Thanks but not really.
          I opened and cleaned it.
          Changed the HDMI but it still turned off and restarted whenever.
          Did a DB rebuild.
          Left it disconnected from power for half a day - I was able to play non-stop for 4 hrs. I switched it off after but it restarted automatically around 2 am.
          I left the HDMI disconnected and it never restarted on its own - so am assuming its a command being sent from some device.

          Internet says either it's a broken power button issue or a power supply issue!

          I don't think I will be sending in to Sony since it's out of warranty anyway.

        • @addepp:

          Toot toot. Eehhhum.

          If you had it connected to your tv via the hdmi and it would turn on but when you had it disconnected it didnt turn on id be looking at the tv or reciver or what ever you have it plugged in.

          I know my lg tv can turn my lg blue ray player on via link smart soooo look into it.

  • Is your one the older model of PS4?

    I got mine around release date so my power and eject buttons are touch rather than physical buttons. Due to their really poor form, occasionally they will just spark a 'touch' either turning on or ejecting the disc. Usually happened to be on a hot Summer's day, though I definitely don't have the issue as of Winter. Similar issue? Wouldn't have a clue.

    EDIT: Though I did solve it by keeping my PS4 dust-free, so nothing to conduct electricity around it.

    • yeah got it in early 2014. I cleaned mine but still have the issue.

  • If it helps at all, we had this issue with our PS4 at the start of the year and occasionally it would sometimes cause the PS4 to go into safe mode/repair because it was reading the power button was being held down.

    What my brother figured out was if Remote play was turned off, it wouldn't occur anymore.
    Give that a try? if not no idea what could be causing it.

    • Hey thanks. Tried it but it randomly restarted after I shut it down.
      Didnt even play anything last night.

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