Smart TV Box. Unable to Stream Certain Shows

We have recently purchased one of these smart TV boxes from an Australian company. It covers up to Kodi 16 on factory settings but we can upgrade to 17.3. We've also installed many other settings such as debris,salts,Turks etc. works great so have been able to cancel the extortionate Foxtel account.
Now comes the but……… we can't stream Coronation Street! Now I know many of you will laugh, but to me in particular , it is an important issue. We were able to watch until the end of March - now nothing.The company we purchased it from says there shouldn't be a problem, but there obviously is.
Knowing how smart a lot of you are on this site I thought I would ask for some technical help to correct the problem - Please……..!
Answers such as " Get a life" or " Bikies" are politely requested NOT to be part of any responses !!
Thank you


  • Where are you trying to stream Cori from? If it was working before and not now, it sounds like a setting has been changed either on your end or with the site/app you are using.

    Slightly OT, but my in-laws use a VPN to get the UK ITV stream from their website so they can watch Cori and the rest of their shows.

  • So which application or add-on are you trying to use to access Coronation Street? It is likely a problem either with their access to a feed or potentially a geoblocker causing some grief from an Australian connection. If other applications and add-ons are working, there shouldn't really be any difference with this other app.

  • Bikies. Definitely bikies.

  • There is a add on blackout worldwide at the moment. Some of the most popular are down. A simple google search would have told you this.

  • Get lost ! To you 4 idiots offering no help whatsoever. Grow up.

  • Dude, get a chill pill. This is not a tech forum.
    If you having a technical issues, we need more than your life story;
    * application or add-on are you trying to use
    * Unable to Stream as in, any error codes, no video, no audio etc.
    * Or you can simply google it. Google is your best friend :)