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AEG 18V Brushless Hammer Drill Kit $249 In-Store @Bunnings


Hey folks just came across this deal it seems decent seeing as it comes with 2 6amp hour batteries and the brushless hammer drill. It is apparently usually $399 for the kit. Wow i just looked up the battery alone cost $178 for the pro lithium 6amp hour.

You can now be he envy of all your mates with 83NM of torque. while stripping every screw you try and drive in lol. Whopping 83NM to make sure you snap your drill bits real good! lol.

Seems like a good option if you use any other AEG tools these are the biggest 18v batteries they sell.

Brushless motor provides increased power and run time
83Nm max torque
24 stage torque adjustment for complete user control
13mm full metal single sleeve ratcheting chuck

AEG 18V Brushless Hammer Drill Kit (2 x 6.0Ah Batteries) Charger is also included.


18V Brushless Hammer Drill Skin
18V Multi Chemistry Charger
2 x 6.0Ah Pro Lithium Batteries
AEG Brushless hard case

AEG product page is here!

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  • +2

    that description though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • +1

    I really dont need another cordless drill….. :/

    • +5

      I have this mental image of houses all around the country with random holes punched through all of the bricks. It's how the burglars know there will be Eneloops to steal.

    • +1

      What I mean is that I really want this drill :D

  • Which bunnings have this deal? Is it a nation wide sale?

    • Hey mate it comes up in mine i am in NSW. I think it may be a clearance item.

      • I'm going to check out my local and see if they have it. Awesome price considering you get batteries included and based on the price history via pricehipster. A shame that they don't have a deal like this for impact wrenches/drivers

      • +2

        Nationwide promotional pricing.

        • Any clarification on this? Price is back up and my local store says it's not on promotion and never was.

        • +1

          @groook: yep, price has gone back up

          Was 100% on promotion yesterday. How do I know? I'm a TM who sold many of them yesterday.

  • That's a pretty awesome price.
    Haven't seen 6 amp batteries before
    Considering what Tesla are doing, we can expect higher density batteries over time.

  • Thats a awesome price. Especially with them batteries

  • just remember if you buy this then u are locked into bunnings for all ur future purchases of aeg tools.

    • why?

      • Bunnings is the only retailer who sells AEG, however I think older tools might still accept the newer AEG batteries.

        AEG is pretty decent gear though, I wouldn't be overly concerned about buying AEG tools.

        • That's interesting, in that there was an ACCC application by Techtronic (way back in 2008) for exclusivity to Bunnings with its Ryobi range, but it specifically stated that "Techtronic advised that its other brands such as AEG and Milwaukee will continue to be sold via other retailers throughout Australia."

          I can't seem to find a newer application for exclusivity for AEG tools, yet Bunnings is the only stockist in Australia.

        • @Tiggrrrrr:

          I didn't know about application Techtronic made. I suppose conditions placed by T could inhibit other retailers from pursuing AEG.

          It does seem odd though I'll grant you.

        • @Jawanzar: so bunnings wholesale AEG to "other retailers", what a sweet deal that is…. Meanwhile, the boutique Toombul Bunnings store has ends stacked with ryobi and ozito specials that are more expensive than the DeWalts and other premium brands on spec at other bunnings stores, pretty sleazy allround really….

  • Hmm.. bought the Makita set 2 weeks ago..

    • How is it?

      I just bought a Makita reciprocating saw and sander not to long ago.

      • Its ok. Then 1.3 amph battery doesn't last long at all.

      • -3

        Oh my bad, its the dewalt set for $150 ..not Makita. My bad.

  • Nice, and only $236.55 with Powerpass.

    Regretted not getting the 5ah twin kit from last year to replace my aging AEG and it's worn out 3ah NiMhs.. (though still a good drill)

    This might be next best thing (minus impact driver)

    BTW, you may notice all the other AEG kits show batteries and charger included printed on box, but this one only shows batteries. Does include charger though (and specified as so on Bunnings website)

    • Yes, charger included. Says so under Product Details tab

    • Is powerpass a creditcard?

      • Effectively a business account if you have an ABN. Some tradies get 5% off or something depending on their industry. eg, wood, plumbing, paint. There were some other advantages, like have items bought listed against a project/address/customer on your account, so you can record why something was bought etc.

      • Bunnings trade card, either cash or credit account.

  • +1

    AEG is the Australian branding of RIGID tools I believe. https://www.ridgid.com/us/en/power-tools

  • +1

    Yea i will link product page here. It does include the charger i just didn't add it in the description.


    • Yeah figured it would, was just odd that all the other AEG kits showed it and this one didn't.

  • Nice price!

  • I am already in the Ryobi ecosystem
    I will only buy brushless tools in future - it's worth the extra

    • +2

      Every ecosystem needs some biodiversity!

  • Tbh good price. Mine is not an impact driver but AEG and set me back $330ish

  • Im keen to pick one of these up but when or how did you find this deal? The link takes you to the Bunnings homepage. The only 249$ AEG kit on the website is non brushless with smaller batteries…

    • Hey mate did you try clicking the picture? That should take you to the deal.

  • they have a new dual 18v mitre saw which is pretty impressive.

    • I saw that saw a while ago but the Bunnings rep told me the batteries run in sequence so it's not a 36V machine. When one battery goes flat the other will pick up the slack.

      He told me that Makita has a 36V twin battery unit and DeWalt has that crazy 54V unit with the switchable battery that can also power 18V tools.

      Anyway username checks out: Säge is German for saw

      • haven't done enough research on this but sounds suss. I know the new ryobi one+ dual 18v mitre saw definitely runs like a 36v machine. Since ryobi and aeg/rigid essentially same company sharing alot of the design, would make no sense if AEG's version ran in sequence? Afew days ago the guy at bunnings told me the new ryobi one+ router has plunge feature, which it definitely doesn't.

        • I checked AEG website for 18V Brushless 254mm slide mitre saw kit, definitely states 2x 18V in parallel for extended runtime and extra power. Extra power would be only during extended runtime, obviously if it was 36V that would be a major selling point. Was heading into Bunnings to check this drill deal out today but price went back up, d'oh!

        • @mangoburger: Electrical Engineer here. I work on Lithium battery packs in exchange for money.

          I assure you that 2x batteries in parallel will be able to deliver more current (and therefore higher power) than a single battery.

          Obviously I haven't seen the circuitry inside the saw, but I wouldn't write it off solely because of parallel vs series. Each method has advantages, it really depends on implementation details.

        • I can't find a dual 18v Ryobi mitre saw on Ryobi or Bunnings websites!

  • Saw one of these for $199 but with 2x 2.4amp/hr on a clearance table last time I was in bunnings.
    Must be new models on the way

    • They still had them on the shelf at my local for $249. Though they say 70Nm max on it (could be because of smaller battery). This one right?

  • +1

    Went to bunnings Chatswood and picked one up. The sales guy didn't know they reduced the price and confirmed it was a bargain at this price.

  • This price is nationwide as a promotional item. Once they are gone they may not come back.

    • Any idea how long the promo's running for? Also know if it has a belt hook? Thanks

      • No belt hook

        • Nothing a bit of electrical tape won't fix.

    • Promotional price has ended.

  • +1

    For that price it better be made in Germany

  • +1

    This is a bargain for 2 6Ah batteries, and it comes with a free drill! Seriously good quality gear, I have a lot of AEG and can't recommend it highly enough.

  • This is an amazing price! I just bought the 3 piece kit with the same gear as this kit plus an impact driver and grinder for $639, feeling pretty ripped off right about now…

  • Good deal

    If I hadn't gone done the Milwaukee route, I'd be all over this

  • Link no longer works??

    • Hey mate its working for me did you click the pic or the link?

      • Yes clicked on the pic, took me to a search page with all cordless drills.

  • Price is $399?

    • same, has the deal ended? Was planning to head in store today…

  • Link still works for me. I totally don't need this given i have a bosch blue cordless and corded drill. Going in this morning to see if i can get one

  • Rang up local Bunnings and guy was oblivious of the deal.

  • damn, price back to $399! was going to pick one up today too

  • Was in the process of deciding which ecosystem to buy into… I think this has sealed the deal.

    My old AEG corded hammer drill has served me well.

    edit: ^ dammit!

  • Has this ended?

  • +1

    Looks like it's over already, shame I was going to hunt one down today, not that I need it

    • I can confirm the deal is still on!!
      I just purchased one, even though it shows as $399 online, it scans at $249 in store.
      Call your local store, and ask if they have it in stock.. Then tell them to put it aside for you.
      Hope this helps.

      • +1

        Called my local store, Sunbury, and no deal! They said it's $399 and was never on promotion.
        Edit: called my other local Taylors Lakes, same thing, no deal.

        • Sunbury has some I got one now changed price to 299 saying internet error not $249 but happy with $299 instead of $399

        • @Dex38313: How? I was there an hour ago and said they were $399 and promo was over and wouldn't do it! Must just be luck of who you speak to. Oh well I've given up… Pretty sure it was a pricing error as they had a different kit for $249 and had a stack of tonnes of them

        • i rang told them what price they were he asked another stor rang me back said pricing error then put price to $299 I went straight In they had about 6!

        • @groook: hi if your still after 1 I have 2 got them from Bunnings $299 but happy to let 1 go I'll keep other comes with recitept
          Happy to help but if u don't need one now that's ok
          I'm close to Sunbury


        • @Dex38313: Hi Darren, thanks for the generous offer!! I would have grabbed it last week but this weekend's left me a bit short sorry.

        • ok cool just thought I'd ask


        • @Dex38313: Hi mate, have moved a bit of cash around and can afford it now if you still happen to have it send me a PM If not all good! Cheers.

        • i still have them just working out how to pm

  • +2

    Considering the "grade" of this tool I kinda hope people buying this are either passionate about their tools, tradies, or have heaps of existing AEG tools that they use at once.

    Being an OzBargainer type of tool shopper, I find the whole eco-system thing a bit like when I tried to future proof my computer. Good on paper, in practice not really as the good value hardware deals (even if it isn't up to the same level e.g. Ryobi) they are usually:
    - from a different brand
    - or come in a kit anyway

    Alas I have Ozito (1x3Ah), Ryobi (5Ah, 1.5Ah) and AEG (4x3Ah, 2x2Ah) tools lol.

    I do have this or the prev version of this brushless hammer drill. Even with gaps in charging it the lowest I've gotten the 3Ah to go is about 1/2 way. 6Ah is crazy :D

  • Great for general use, I've used their tools on site, I found the batteries give out, only 2-3months heavy usage, and replacement takes 4-6 weeks.

    For home use, they'd be great, they are heavy duty and well priced generally.

  • +3

    I just bought one at Bunnings Hoxton Park, there were a few left.
    Ticket and scanned at $399 but when I showed them the website price of $249 (price was changed from $399 to $249 around 8am this morning and then changed back to $399), they were happy to give it to me at $249. So I guess if you still have the open tab of $249 they would do it for you.
    I also got the 3 pieces kit there https://www.bunnings.com.au/aeg-18v-3-piece-compact-combo-ki... for $115, not sure if they have any left though
    Edit: Receipt for anyone who try to match it https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/169373/50465/receipt.j...

    • Just wondering how did u get the 3 compact 18v set for 115?

      • I saw them at the toolshop counter for $115. I'm not sure if they have any left
        There were another AEG kit (I think it's this one https://www.bunnings.com.au/aeg-18v-2-piece-brushless-oil-pu...) for $440

      • Yep, wow I'd pay that. I only really want the Impact Driver (even then it's a pretty priority buy) but to get that whole kit with batteries I'd get it, and torch would be handy to have around just incase that can take those batteries.

    • Can u upload the receipt of the 3 pieces kit please?

    • I managed to get one at Bunnings Marion SA by showing them this receipt and the cached version of the webpage. Thanks for the help!

  • 6AH … thats pretty big … would last a long time … would be good if you use the saws alot…

  • +1

    Well crap the link says $399 now…

  • +1

    I think someone messed up in the IT department. Kicking myself for not getting it even tho I don't need it but I think the price was always intended for THIS

  • Confirming that the price of item 6230224 has gone back to normal as of this morning.

    • So sad lol, is there any other sales, still kicking myself for not getting this

  • Lol bunning's must have employees on Ozbargain trolling for IT pricing errors.

  • Bought one at Bunnings Cranbourne, they had around five or so on the shelf. Showed the cached web page at the checkout, price was changed to $249.

    Google cache

  • +1

    Well this sucks i wonder what happen? I hope at least a few people scored a few for us!

  • +1

    Just got 1 bunnings sunbury hade maybe 6 left price adjusted to 299

  • +1

    Successfully priced matched using the receipt uploaded by wayne7190, at Bunnings in Vermont south, VIC. I think I was really lucky getting a reasonable staff member at the counter.

    @wayne7190 thanks!!

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