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GPD Win 5.5" Windows 10 Intel Z8750 4GB/64GB Game Console $370 USD (~$441.13 AUD) Shipped @ Gearbest


Mixed reviews for these little bad boys - they're not very powerful but they will play most games before 2012 well and the battery life is good - apparently newer games are hit and miss. I'll use mine for mostly emulators and old games so it suits me fine.

This is also the latest revision and apparently most of the issues have been ironed out.

There's also a 14% coupon code for tablets (found here, but it disappeared on checkout. Their support said I couldn't apply coupons because it was already discounted on a flash sale… a whopping $5 off the normal price. But I applied the GBMBP code and it worked fine - I opted for the $11 DHL delivery, should be shipped mid next week.

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  • Gearbest the new GeekBuying ;)

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    Honestly, if you're just getting it as an emulator isn't something like this ( better.. just install Retroarch or any of the other Android emulaotrs. There are a lot of cheap options. $441 for a very weak Windows PC is a bit much

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      That's pretty cool. I didn't know such devices existed. Personally, nothing beats physical buttons when it comes to playing emulated games

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      Devices like the one you linked are great (I'm a crusty old GP2X and Dingoo owner) but the devices have different aims, and I don't think it warrants the neg.

      Intel powered handhelds are rare, and have a niche appeal that some people are willing to pay for. A cheap laptop doesn't fit in a pocket, and those cheap ARM based gadgets doesn't play stuff like this (along with squillions of 90s and 00s PC games):

      • Yeah point taken. It's a good deal if this is exactly what you want and you know what you're getting into- it's a very niche device. I just think for $441 you're taking an awful punt on an imported device that will have mediocre performance. With those specs (Intel Atom / 4GBM RAM / 64GB flash) I wouldn't call it a "Game Console" as the advert states. It even has League of Legends or something pictured in it which I'm sure it wouldn't run (or at least at any decent framerate)

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      Wow this looks amazing. The price is great too, though unfortunately it's out of stock. Any recommends for alternative products or stores?

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    Hehe, interesting.

    I've been faffing about with low power PC gaming on MS Surface Pro 4 M3 (considerably more powerful than this device I believe) it is very hit and miss as far as what runs well. WAY better device than Nvidia Shield portable because Android gaming is … dire :D I think for this price Nintendo Switch is surely a better device now (other than for filthy pirates).

    LowSpecGamer on Youtube is worth taking a look at for various tweak guides for games.

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    just a small tip to anyone who's thinking of buying one or has one already.

    Seriously consider Installing the custom windows available on the reddit link below and make the recommended system changes, i managed to squeeze at least another 30% of the system after installing it.

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    There's also one on there that looks like a mini MacBook.

    • I don't think that one has the game controls though, making it even more of a niche device. I guess you could use a Bluetooth controller with it.

    • GPD Pocket - costs a bit more though. Similar specs but more RAM, bigger screen, bigger keyboard, no game controls, no memory card slot.

      Stock seems limited though - ie plenty of places will take your order but won't ship for ages.

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    Cheaper and just as good to get a better spec'd netbook or entry laptop with controller. Likely get AU + warranty also.

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      Performance-wise maybe, but this is designed to be a pocketable gaming machine with access to a plethora of cheap games.

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      Cant hold a laptop in your hands….

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      This one has DS like gaming controls built in, making it ideal for emulation of old games.

  • For that money, get a Switch.

  • can this be used as htpc ? wireless cast on tv ?

    • Sure, but why?

      • Portable TV?

        • It's a portable gaming device, why would anyone get one just to watch media?

        • @Lorindor: Why did you choose the word 'just'? Why can't it be used for the same purposes as a PC, multi functional?

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    Just throwing it in there but for emulation you an second hand ps vita would also do the job nicely.

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    I like the look of these, but too pricey for me. A hacked 3DS or PS Vita is cheaper if you want emulation.

  • I love the concept and would be totally over this if it was sub $200

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    I bought this from GearBest recently and shipping only took a few days using DHL express from China. I really like this so far for portable gaming and I'm impressed with the quality and how solid it feels, though it can get hot on the bottom when the cpu is under stress. I also can't believe how small this laptop is, but the keyboard takes a bit to get use to.I have 100's of PC games to get through, and I haven't even touched the emulation side yet. The Switch looks great but it only has 1 game I'm interested playing at the moment. Hopefully the GPD will keep me going for a couple of years and by that time the Switch should have a good collection of games to play.

    • How long did it take to ship after ordering?

      • About 3 days. I ordered late Friday evening and it arrived at my door Monday 2pm. For an extra $10 for express shipping, it was well worth it. So a thumbs up to GearBest and DHL for getting it to me so fast.

  • Clicked becaue of GPD Win, stayed because of the comments… :D

  • Got one and was planning to sell it mainly because I've now also got its sibling the GPD Pocket which I prefer more due to a larger keyboard. The Win is a very very good machine but as others have said, needs to be tweaked to play games properly.

    As far as emulation is concerned: Generally, emulators on Windows does run better than any other platform (even Linux). Mame runs much better as an example than Android. The only real exception is DS emulation - Nothing comes close to DRASTIC in that department.

  • I have the older Gpd xd and it is excellent. Great battery and nice looking screen. It's android and about half the price of the win. I'm looking at one of these wins now to play half life on. Might be too much hassle to tweak it right.

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    Hi OP,just found a discount code to make this deal better:

    • Can you cancel my unshipped order so I can get this better deal? :)

      • could you pls pm me your order number so I can check this for you?

    • hi Store rep, can you please send me a new discount code for this ?

      The code is no longer valid

      • Sorry that supplier dont allow us run lower price for now,so no coupon for now.

  • Anyone ordering from Gearbest make sure you are prepared for potential cancelled orders, unreasonably long shipping times and a whole host of other problems.

    Ordered a phone with them over 3 weeks ago on the 20th of June and still waiting for it to be delivered. They say it is shipped with tracking but once it leaves their warehouse in China/HK you cant track it. You need a phone this week and by the time it arrives the next generation of phones will be released in the market. This is really bad customer service.

    funny thing is I ordered the case and screen protector via eBay from China and got those within 9 days of placing order. Still waiting on phone. Order was placed on the 20th of June they shipped it on the 27th so wasted a whole week.

    • Hi parallelparadox,

      I am sorry to hear that,could you pls pm me your order number for checking?

      • pm'd

      • Dont pretend to care, ask for the order number and once you obtain it do nothing with it. You fail store rep

        • Sorry for late reply,got busy for so many informations.

  • Codes No longer working for me? :(

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    new Code 13% OFF = GBTPC

  • code no longer work, can you please update thx

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