expired G-Force Pure Electric Scooter $399, $359 With Coupon Code (Free Postage/Pickup) @ PCMarket


We have a new model in stock which we are giving a introductory discount on. Similar to our carbon fiber model but with aluminium instead and a small battery with 8.8ah LG Battery. Free shipping and pickup.

Key Features:
Aircraft-grade aluminium
Regenerative Braking System plus rear fender brake.
Heavy duty tubeless maintenance free rubber front and rear wheel.
Up to 20 km range with single charge, and top speed up to 25 km/h.
Trip computer with LCD display.
1 second easy folding mechanism.

Max Speed: 25 km/h
Range: 20 km
Load: 90 kg
Weight: 7.8 kg
Age: 10+
Battery: 8.8 ah LG Lithium battery
Motor power: 250 w
6 Month RTB Warranty

$359 with coupon code 'PURE' entered at the checkout. Usually $399.
Please check with your areas laws before using these and always wear a helmet and the proper safety gear.

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    Why would you buy warranty, when this should be covered under the ACCC thingy

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    I'm questioning the legality of this thing in NSW.
    I got pulled over by highway patrol riding this near Central last year and they told me that this "vehicle" is unregistered and uninsured.
    They want to slap $600+ fine but downgrade it to a warning.

    Having said that, I still saw lots of ppl riding electric scooter and skateboard around city



      yeah that basically is true, you can't take it to work, i see the people on the skateboards and always wonder how do they not get busted.

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      Yeah they taking a risk. Legally all these electric scooters are only allowed on private property. If you ride it outside then you risk a fine. They are allowed in qld though, because qld. :D


        Man this is one nanny of a state, forces you to take the bus while removing free trips, and putting the price up per trip 2.5% at a time.


          Completely agree… I bought that because I want to get home faster and save money on buses too. Anyone doing 9-5 job in Sydney know how bad sydney buses are.

          Looks like a govt income protection scheme to me


          @cimot: Check my comment. It isn't "a govt income protection scheme" or any other crazy conspiracy, it's regulations to keep people safe. Look up "electric scooter collision" before making more false claims, please.

          They aren't legal in some states at all, but others allow them if they're registered and you have a license. If they wanted to force people not to use them, then they'd make them completely illegal, but as it is, they're just regulating them in most places due to concerns of safety, and registration helps cover the costs when an idiot hits someone with one, which is bound to happen again.


        This one isn't. "A motorised foot scooter is a scooter which has an electric motor attached of 200 watts output or less. The official mark on the motor will verify the wattage. The motorised foot scooter must not be capable of travelling faster than 10km/h on level ground."

        Taken from my commemt half an hour before yours.

        Might want to fact check in future ;)


          I was talking about electric scooters generally in Qld compared to nsw. Not saying this specific one is legal.


          @Mnke: "They are allowed in qld though, because qld. :D"
          "This one isn't."
          "I'm talking about NSW"
          You've lost me.


          @BradleyDS2: I never said
          "This one isn't." That's one of your comments.


          @Mnke: Same as Tasmania, Victoria and possibly WA (don't quote me on that) so it isn't anything special.

          Also, your last comment (now removed) you stated "I'm talking about NSW. You might want to read more carefully in future." but now you're agreeing that you were talking about Queensland as well….

          Dude, you're digging yourself a hole. All you had to say was "Ah, my mistake. Thanks for the correction."


          @Mnke: I know.

          You said they're allowed in QLD, I pointed out that the one listed on this page isn't, then you said you're talking about NSW.


          @BradleyDS2: I retracted that because I read it a few more times. My bad for that.


          @Mnke: Okay, no worries.

          Let's stop this discussion, no need to start an argument :)


      How about electric skateboard?

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    Cannot be used in Melbourne unless it is registered and you have a motorcycle license or permit unless you're on private property.

    Ability to travel greater than 10kmh an hour.



      Beat me by a minute. I added info on other states and territories in my comment.

      Even if it travels at under 10kmh it would be illegal due to the 250W motor power.

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    NSW: "Powered foot scooters cannot be registered and can only be used on private land"
    Vic: "Your motorised scooter is classed as a motor vehicle if it:

    *is powered by a petrol motor 
    *has a maximum power of more than 200 watts
    *can go faster than 10 km/h.

    If your motorised scooter is classed as a motor vehicle it can only be used on the road if it is registered and the rider has a motorcycle licence or learner permit. But, you can use it on private property."

    ACT: "In the ACT all devices with a motor must be registered for use on a road or road-related area unless they are specifically exempt.

    Motorised foot scooters, miniature motorbikes (also known as mini bikes, pocket bikes or monkey bikes) and other motorised recreational devices do not meet minimum Australian design standards for safety and so cannot be registered. This means they must not be used on roads or in any public areas such as footpaths, car parks and parks."

    QLD"A motorised foot scooter is a scooter which has an electric motor attached of 200 watts output or less. The official mark on the motor will verify the wattage. The motorised foot scooter must not be capable of travelling faster than 10km/h on level ground."

    "Can I ride a motorised wheeled recreational device on a road, footpath or bike track?
    No. These devices cannot be used on roads or road related areas such as foot paths, bike/pedestrian tracks, or vehicle parking areas. Under South Australian legislation, these devices are considered to be motor vehicles. Operating a motor vehicle requires a driver’s licence, registration and compulsory third party insurance. As these devices do not meet the safety standards under the Australian Design Rules they are not eligible for registration."

    WA: Couldn't find much info, but appears as though it may be legal.

    NT"A motorised scooter is a kick-type scooter that is equipped with an engine or motor.

    Motorised scooters are considered to be a motor vehicle under law in the Northern Territory (NT).

    Motorised scooters used on roads, or in public places, must be registered in the NT."

    Tasmania"If you intend riding a motorised scooter make sure the scooter does not have a motor (or motors) with a power output that exceeds 200 watts, wear an approved bicycle helmet and obey all of the road rules applying to the riders of wheeled recreational devices."

    Illegal just about Australia wide.


    Rep: What is the main difference between your three models other than Carbon Fibre? I see you have one for $799 as well, but specs are similar. Not sure why it justifies double the price?


    haha imagine if there was a casey neistat in aus, wouldn't get far…

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      Thank goodness there isn't, that bloke is an insufferable w@nker


    G'day OP, thanks for posting.

    I'm getting "This coupon code is invalid or has expired", anything I'm missing?

    Also, do you have the dimensions handy (ie. length/height?)



      Looks like there was a problem with how many could be redeemed, the issue should be fixed now and you can use the code.

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