Anyone Own a Samsung Dex?

Has anyone here picked up a Samsung Dex yet? If so, how is it treating you?

I'd like to run two monitors, one for PC and one for the S8 but run one keyboard and mouse setup. Is there a way to switch over seamlessly between the two?

Also I think it's strange the way they have designed the dock as you can't video call without having to sit over it.





    A fairly in depth review here with some… uh, dissapointments, I guess?


    I've tried the demo unit at the samsung kiosk at a Westfield… not very responsive and quite laggy imo. Good idea but poor execution. Probably not worth the money at this stage…


    Instead of the dex, you can just cast the android display using vysor. vysor it's a paid app/program with a free trial that's been in development from 2014, it is stable now. You can connect any android devices from ~2012+ (4.1.0 jellybean up to now 7.1.2 nougat), you can place the window in the second monitor since all the controls are controlled by the PC's keyboard and mouse. all you need is just the generic wireless chargers off ebay or samsungs basic charger.

    For independent usage (just the phone) you can just use a tv screen with miracast/chromecast or a USB to HDMI cable or a wireless display monitor. Connect up a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and you are set, exactly what the samsung dex does. The dex for $199+ its almost a waste of money, i guess samsung is trying to make people pay for a feature readily available for a couple of years now.


      But that doesn't give you WIMP desktop with resizable windows etc right?


      Thanks, would the interface be the same or similar?


        You can only use the built in Nougat split window that can be resized. Just tap the recents key and tap the multi window, i think you can make it float too if you tap on the divider and there is a button for it. if you have an older device, you can flash remix OS 3.0 which gives a desktop feel.

        you can also install andromium OS from play store

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