Qatar - Anyone Flown in The Last Month?

Wondering if anyone has flown with Qatar airways to Europe in the last month? Have you had any issues given the current political situation?

Also how full was your flight?



    Friend just flew from Chicago to Bangkok today, no issues.


    Sydney to London and back. No issues at all.

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    I flew from America, Europe & Abu Dhabi last month with Etihad no issues. Flight was full.

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      Thanks for this largely pointless information. Etihad are not Qatar Airways or even from Qatar, They are a UAE airline.

      From what i've read on airline forums of late, Flights from Australia-Europe on Qatar are largely fine as planes don't fly into Saudi, UAE or Egyptian airspace. It's when you need to fly via Qatar into Parts of the middle east or most of Africa (and likely into South America too) that planes are diverting into longer flight paths to avoid airspace where they no longer have clearance. I'd say that recent prices and discount codes show the restrictions are biting.


    Prices are the lowest and extremely good value for a tier 1 airline. I had 2 free seats next to me on a 3 seat run from qatar to London so managed to sleep well

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    I had no idea there was any issue flying Qatar so I googled what was happening. So I googled to find out what was happening.
    But I found this site with a bunch of info and about flying with Qatar…Take what you want from the site but I found this part to be the interesting bit when flying with the…And the article is from last month but things might still apply.

    How safe is it to fly Qatar Airways?

    From a safety perspective, I would not hesitate to fly Qatar Airways. They have an impeccable safety record. However, it is important to notice that while the airline is very safe, the country Qatar itself does not meet all 8 safety parameters as recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), hence reflecting why the airline does not have a perfect safety score on Airline Ratings.

    However, the retraction of the landing rights and closure of airspace does have a major impact on the airline:

    At the moment, you cannot fly anymore with Qatar Airways to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen. If you are heading to one of these nations and you have already booked your flight with Qatar Airways, you will have to request a refund with the airline or request a rebooking on another carrier.
    Qatar Airways aircraft now have to fly through Iranian airspace. These altered routes lead to longer flying time, hereby lowering demand and increasing fuel costs, and thus affecting the airline’s profits. In addition, it may also affect your time in transit in Doha and make you miss a connecting flight. So in case you have a flight on Qatar Airways in the coming weeks, you better check your itinerary to make sure that you will still be able to get to your destination in time.
    At the moment, I would not hesitate flying Qatar Airways, as long as my country of departure or end destination is not a country in the Gulf area (except for Qatar itself, and the countries of Kuwait and Oman who stay neutral in the diplomatic conflict). However, I would be more hesitant about booking at ticket with Qatar Airways to the Maldives, since I am not sure whether the carrier will be banned from flying to the Indian Ocean archipelago when the crisis continues (and that’s a shame, since Qatar Airways offers one of the best connections for travel to/from the Maldives since they have 2 flights a day between Doha and Male).