Cashrewards potential glitch?

Has anyone else received random cashback and has not made a purchase? As I was logging into my account for some odd reason I had an extra $15 and never made a purchase for over a year; now the interesting part is my purchase history shows amaysim and I deff not using them and never will but i did brows that offer that came above few weeks back. has anyone else got a free payment please share?



    Maybe it's karma

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    Maybe mates you referred?


    Hi DEvok. Just a thought. Do you use Cashrewards at work? We've had a couple of instances where a purchase was made, and rather than the buyer being attributed with the sale, someone on the same IP address has been credited. If so, could be a potentiant glitch with the store and the way it's set up in the affiliate network (something we'd need to chase up if we had more info). Also, I'm assuming this is on a different acct than the details you sent me recently, as I can't see an Amaysim transaction?


    If I were receiving unaccountable cash rewards, I wouldn't be opening my mouth. Especially on this forum where CR reps lurk.

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