Forced to Pay Toll as Exit Closed

When driving along Southern Cross drive, you used to be able to go through the Eastern distributor and use the exit just before Cleveland Street. They used to close it off during peak hours, but there was a warning about this before you entered.
Driving at around 9pm, I followed the same route, only to find that now the exit is closed 24 hours. Didn't see any notice, although I wasn't looking for one, and had to drive through the toll way, $7 down and out of my way.
I post this as a warning to others, but wonder if I could get that fee back.


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    Not from this site

    Probably best to talk to the company that charged you the $7

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    What did the toll company say when you called them? That seems like the most obvious first point of contact


    I doubt you'll be able to get the toll back, but you never know. There has been some advertising of the closure of that exit for a few weeks, but haven't been out that way in a couple of weeks so not sure what is there now.


    A good guess is that it is closed because of the light rail construction?


    Thanks for the heads up, I use that exit when coming north from the southern suburbs, although I haven't done it for a few weeks, so this would have caught me. Call the toll company, they will probably say no, but you might as well give it a go, you have nothing to lose besides a bit of time by asking.


    You can only ask…. Ring up and see what they say. Otherwise its one of lifes lessons. Live and learn.


    Thanks for the replies - not expecting any refund, was more annoyed I was trapped into going out of my way, hopefully I will have helped someone else getting caught. Did anyone notice signs before the start - I never say any advertising or other notices.

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    7NEWS had a bulletin on this. Sounds like you just might of missed that headline.


    Wow I had the exact same experience yesterday. I thought it was the 24th of July that it started as I was driving, turned out it meant 24 hours 7 days.
    At least I know it's permanent now.

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