Looking for Tough/Rugged in-Ear Headphones for Tropical Climate and Heavy Use


i have gone through multiple pairs of the normal in-ear headphones due to the plastic cord deteriorating from the climate as well as being continually rolled up and unwound.

sound quality is not important-it is not for music. comfortable inside the ear is important as well as the ability to be used frequently.

Is there a cord based headphone that someone can recommend. (or do i need to go for a pair of bluetooth headphones.)



  • Did you google your question? Would have given you a much faster result than waiting for someone to reply here…


    • Why is it people like you think searching on google is the be all and end all of a discussion ? Maybe the guy wants an actual persons opinion on these forums, why else does ozbargain exist. Get off your high horse.

  • yep had visited that site. i wasn't impressed to be honest. they still look pretty flimsy to me.

    i did see this one which seemed more likely prospect but was hoping for some person experience from ozbargain users.


    • I use them 8 hours daily, they're pretty damn durable, only managed to damage one pair by jamming one ear piece in something and ripping the cord heavily (sound started to cut out in that ear piece, headphones were intact)

  • If the cord has been a big issue, then go Bluetooth. It just means that you've got to keep it charged.

    There's quite a large variety of sports Bluetooth earphones that are weatherproof.

    Something like this would be good:

    I've just done a quick search to get a link - the price may be cheaper elsewhere. There's been a few deals on this site but no current ones.

    • thanks bobbified

      it does seem to that bluetooth is the way to go from durability perspective. i just worry about radiation (being old fashioned).

  • Wired-

    Westone Adventure series.


    Jabra Sports Pulse

  • Jaybird X2 or X3's?

    Wouldn't say they are the most comfortable but mine have been through a bit since I've owned them (about 18 months now) and they haven't failed on me yet. They are sweat proof so they should survive fine a tropical climate where you're perspiring alot.

    Plenty of reviews online/Youtube.

  • Shure SE215s - designed for stage use and has kevlar reinforced cable. Guaranteed to stay in your ear due to over ear design and extremely comfortable.

    • after looking at a few of the options suggested here, i like the Shure 215s. i think the kevlar reinforced cable is a great idea…assuming it is not a gimmic that is.

      thanks everyone for the other suggestions too.

      • Nice. It's not a gimmick, it's designed for heavy duty use for stage conditions sweat/movement etc. Might take some time to get used to the over ear fit but I love mine and can't imagine going to back to regular earphones

      • you can't go wrong with them, i use mine for everything including falling asleep with them in as a proxy ear plug.

        I've got a couple of pairs of the 535's way better than anything else i own and it's quite a list, but they are full range so ince clarity isn't important not worth the extra money, a good option with them is you can get an audiologist to make a mould of your ear all instructions in the packet

        You send the mould and they make you a custom set of plugs that are awesome. as an optional extra.

        the cable did eventually break on my first pair but i picked up another cable fairly cheap it's good they can be replaced.

        • thanks to you both. i think the 215s are the way to go (535's look nice but outside my budget :)

        • @patientvalue:

          I'd be very surprised if you were disappointed with the 215se, on average i think i've seen them around the $100 mark

          Addicted to Audio used to be a supplier and normally cheaper than most if your in Melb or Sydney they have walk in stores now rather than being primarily online.

          Happy hunting

          The 846's are next on my list.

        • @Toons:

          omg, i almost fell of the chair when i saw the price of those 846's you mentioned. i guess you wont be able to complain when the missus wants a $1500 handbag :)

          (apologizes if this (stereotypical) sexist comment offends anyone)

        • @patientvalue: If only some of them were that cheap I'd have nothing to complain about :-)

          the 535's were cheaper when i bought my first pair due to our dollar being so strong to what they are currently