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Samsung Galaxy Gear VR White Oculus $15 | iPhone Lightning Dock (Black) $22 | iPad Pro 12.9 Smart Cover White $28 @ Telstra eBay



Samsung Galaxy Gear VR White Oculus Head Strap


Put on the Gear VR, and you’re there in the moment. A Super AMOLED display, wide field of view, precise head-tracking and low latency brings reality to the virtual. Gear VR works seamlessly with Galaxy smartphones. All you need to do is slip in your phone and you’re free to take on the world and beyond. To reach new levels, a comfortable headset is a must. That’s why with a wider interface, Gear VR is now 19% lighter compared to the previous model. And with its larger touchpad, you get easy and accurate control.

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    is this compatible with non samsung phones?

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    link is for the head strap only, not the whole thing?

  • Thanks. Been waiting for it to come back in stock.

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    Out of stock


  • Out of stock every damn time!

    • +7

      unfortunately pig re-sellers buying them up 5 at a time

  • +2

    Oh man.. I knew I shouldn't have gone to lunch. The best deals seems to be posted during lunchtime or while I am asleep at night.

    • +4

      simple do what we do. dont sleep dont eat - ozbargain all day everyday

      • I eat in front of my computer, how else am I going to take advantage of all the fast food deals in OzB? :P

        • youre getting htere. ozbargainers have modified their diet to sustain themselves on eneloops. We only need one/day replaces food and sleeping

        • @havok44: Eneloops are so 2015. Speaking of which, I haven't seen an Eneloop deal here for a while.

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    Some deals posted here more resemble a competition

  • Damn I missed it again

    • Me too :-(

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    Is it correct you need Galaxy Note 5 minimum? I see on the Samsung Website Note 4 is not mentioned?

    • Note 4 doesn't work officially. You can file down the corners to make it fit though, and it will work, you just make it look like rubbish in the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4NhKZ6yz9c

      • Cool good to know, thanks for the link :-)

  • I have the newer one, and it's pretty unuseable. The phone is only secured on the USB side. The top side of the phone is not secured, so it just comes loose while you're using it. I have to use my left hand to hold the phone in place. They need to add a clip to the other end of the phone to keep it in place.

  • +2

    Gear VR back in stock. Hurry guys, just bought one.

    edit: out of stock after 20 min

    • Is there a way to get notified when they come back in stock? Is it just simply F5/refresh?

      • I read that Telstra usually restocks around noon so yeah, just had the page open since then and F5'ed every few mins.

  • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/IPHONE-LIGHTNING-DOCK-ROSE-GOLD-A...

    Dock in rose gold, been up not too long looking at the amt sold, 5 left

    it's annoying to browse the telstra store so i cannibalised one of the links that we use to list items on ebay from specific sellers

    edit: nvm gone while typing

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