Discount Gas Costs (WA) - I Received 30% off Alinta Gas for a Year - Share Your Experiences

Hi Everyone

My father in law mentioned he was in negotiations with both Alinta and Kleenheat regarding a discount on his gas bill.

Kleenheat offered 20%, Alinta counter offered 25% and Kleenheat countered again with 30%, so he settled.

Armed with this information I called up my provider, Alinta, and mentioned Kleenheat would offer me 30% discount.
She confirmed my details and 'checked my usage' and she was able to offer me 30% off my gas bills, provided I signed up for direct debit and used e-billing.
She emailed me a straight-forward terms comparison and I gave her my direct debit details.
The offer lasts 1 year and the process took less than 10 minutes. I would recommend it, so far.

Before my experience, a work mate had a different scenario where he was able to make one call to Alinta and get 25% off for a 2 year term with similar conditions.

How much have you been able to get off your gas bill?

Share your experiences!


  • Saying 20% off, 30% off is meaningless if you don't list the amount you pay for energy.

    • About the most constructive comment you've posted all year

      Well done

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      In Perth you can only buy your gas from 2 providers, they both charge the same standard fee.

      21.29 cents per day supply charge


      14.70 cents per unit for the first 12 units


      13.26 cents per unit for any additional

      The 20% / 30% off is based on the same price.

    • About $130 a quarter

  • I only just moved house and my usage for 1 month was $70, dont think they'd care about going any higher than 25% off :(

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    The best deal I was able to get was 30% off for 2 years with Kleenheat. I tried to get more than 30% from both companies but they said that 30% was the highest they could offer.

  • AGL and Origin will be playing within the WA market soon. Also note that if you go straight to Kleenheat and request for 30% off straight up as opposed to backwards and frowing, they will usually give it to you. Do it via Facebook chat if you're not confident with negotiating over the phone.

  • Be careful with Kleenheat discount. i'm pretty sure they only give you a discount on the GAS you use whereas when Alinta counter offered it was off the total bill

    • Yeh I thought the discount on the gas charges only might be a pretty big catch if it's anything like my water bill, which consists mostly of service charges. But my gas bill seems to be made up mostly of gas usage charges and a small portion for service.

      You're right though, the discount is not off 100% of the bill I don't think.

      • Yep that was the clincher for me. Kleenheat offered me 20% off my Gas and Alinta countered with 20% off Gas and Services….. Prob could do better judging by some of the discounts people are getting

        • Yeh that's why I created this forum, so we can gather our intel and workout the best discount possible! ;)

  • Kleenheat account service fee is 2c cheaper than Alinta's.
    I don't think Alinta's offer is total bill though as per the fair go 30 price component.

    • Neither are off the total bill, are they? Just the gas charges, right?

  • There's 3 component
    Usage charge - 30% discount
    Supply charge - 0% discount
    Account service fee - Kleenheat 2c cheaper than Alinta

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    Just to revisit this post, the best i have done is Origin - 37% discount for usage charges and there's no account service fee!

    • Hi mungicide, are you able to share the price breakdown for origin after discounts? Thanks

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        Daily supply charge - 21.285
        Usage for first 12 units - 14.696
        Remaining units - 13.255
        Account Service fee - 0

        here's my spreadsheet model to compare all 4 providers. just update cells in yellow to change parameters

        • Thanks, did u call Origin?

        • Thanks, I joined Origin also and got the 37% discount. Checked prices and they were spot on.

        • @mmd: yup calls only not online

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