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OzBargain Exclusive: Conset 501-33 Complete Electric Sit Stand Desk $50 off + Free Shipping to Metro, $549 Total @ Ausergo


For Ozbargain users only - $50 off with code OZBARGAIN-50133.

Get a complete electric Sit Stand Desk for $549, or just the frame (BYO tabletop) for $399. Record low price for a complete standing desk.

The Conset 501-33 is the latest fully-electric height adjustable sit stand desk from Conset, featuring an aesthetically-pleasing sleek and modern style. Due to the cross bar being located at the top of the frame (rather than the middle) it is exceptionally sturdy and very easy to assemble. Add wheels for a portable sit stand desk.

*Adjusts to any height within 68-116cm with simple up/down switch
*5 Year Warranty
*Easy assembly
*Frame available in white, silver or black (White frames available now, black & silver frames available Week 2 August 2017.)
*One button height adjustment
*Exceptionally sturdy, no wobble

*80kg weight capacity (including top)
*Lifting speed: 25mm/s
*Adjustability range: 665 - 1160mm
*Motors: 1
*Leg segments: 2

*Within one week to most areas of Australia
*Free to all metro areas (excl. Darwin)
*Delivered flat-packed, basic assembly required

Tabletop Finishes:
*Rosewood (limited stock)
All tabletops are comprised of chipboard and melamine laminate.

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  • Thought this was going to be another one of those advertisement posts with little substance.

    Quick search shows it is lowest price by a long mile even compared with overseas vendors.


      Thank you for the validation! Yes we've done our research and feel it's quite competitive :)

  • Great price, I have a Conset 501-11 which I negotiated to $900 something a few years back so this is very much a good deal. What are the differences between the 501-11 and the 501-33? Mine is solid as a rock on carpet thanks to the middle bar (which has moved up from your description?).

    The control panel also seems like 1 unit, mine has an on/off switch plus the up/down next to it as two separate functions.

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      Well done, you must be one heck of a negotiator to talk them down from $1380 :)

      The 501-11 is a premium heavy duty frame that lifts up to 150kg, we use it mostly for height adjustable workbenches and factory jobs. The 501-11 has both a top bar as well as a middle bar and weighs around 40kg, you'd struggle to move that desk if you hit it with your car*. It has built in cable trays and can be configured with a third leg to make an L-shaped desk, so you get a lot of frame for your money. (I have one of these in my workshop at home in black and absolutely love it.)

      The 501-33 is an entry-level office/home-office desk which suits most office uses, but is not car-proof. The frame lifts up to 80kg and the adjustment range is 68-116cm, versus the 501-11 which has a bit more range at 63-120cm.

      *Pure speculation, please don't try this.

  • I use another brand of the same kind, and I can vouch that it's awesome. I've been using it for over a year now and I can feel a big difference in my health simply by standing for a portion of the day. This is also a great price for one of these desks, our business spent ~$1200 each for about 8 of these.

    OP - do you have plenty of stock? If this takes off you may get a deluge of orders.


      Hi Chazzozz, thanks for your input and glad you are getting the benefits of standing during the day, it certainly is life-changing for most.

      We've just received a large shipment of the white legsets, and we're expecting the black and silver to arrive in 2 weeks so we should be good to go! Thanks for your concern :)

  • Looks to be a great price, always wanted one of these!! Can't afford one atm but hope you come back with deals in the future

  • Hi OP, can you please post a link to the frame only? Also, will it accomodate any length tabletop? How many preset heights can you set for the desk? Does the motor stop if there's something blocking the table movement?


      You can find the frame at: https://www.ausergo.com.au/products/501-33-electric-sit-stan...

      You can choose from three rail widths - 112cm, 142cm, or 172cm so this will accomodate tabletops from 120-200cm wide.

      The frame adjusts to any height between 66.5 - 116cm when holding the up or down button. There is no anti-collision function, but you can simply let go of the button if the desk collides with anything.

      • Hi OP, the description says "One button height adjustment"? Does that mean up and down and not a preset height?