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Quick question - I've got a Officeworks gift card which is valid for 2 years from the date of activation. I was wondering if I can use it another store such as Coles? Or if there's a way to somehow get it converted to a Coles gift card.

As I don't shop at Officeworks much and would rather use the value on the gift card for something else such as groceries, fuel etc.


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  • As Officeworks is part of the coles/myer group, I wound imagine that they stock such giftcards near the registers. I'm not totally sure so please let me know if they don't stock coles/myer giftcards.

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    If it's an Officeworks only card then it can only be used at Officeworks. If it's a Coles Group and Myer card, it can be used at any of those stores.

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      Ah ok got it, yeah it's a blue coloured Officeworks gift card. Thanks Flying Ace!

    • It is a useful info. Thanks! I haven't known that.

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    Most employees wont let you buy a gift card with a gift card … you have you be slightly sneaky about it, eg get a blank visa debit card and stick it on top or just print out a visa logo and stick it on top.

    • Not sure why I'm getting neg votes … if they merchants wants to stop gift card purchases with a gift card, they should build it into their point-of-sale system, not this discretionary system where an employee does what he feels like at the time.

      1. Lots of gift cards T&C don't explicitly prohibit purchasing other gift cards, it's just a policy that employees make up.
      2. There's enough times when employees allow it through anyway or don't realize
      3. Instead of sticking something on top, you could just scratch off/fade the front printing or just conceal it with your hand. The net effect if the same, it might just make you feel better.
  • I've used Myer only gift cards to purchase Coles Myer gift cards in store. I don't think it's a huge deal shrugs

  • Gift cards have a good resell value.

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    I've got a blue colored Officeworks gift card which I can't use as Coles etc. since it's a Officeworks only gift card.

    What's the cheapest way for me to somehow convert it to a gift card I can use elsewhere at stores like Coles or even gas stations? When I checked online Officeworks sell Visa prepaid gift cards which have a fee of $5.95. So I was thinking of buying one of those with my Officeworks gift cards.


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      As far as i'm aware you can't buy gift cards with gift cards, unfortunately.


      Buy the store out and then sell it outside for desperate kids for 2c. EZ 100% gains. Best investment you ever made, even Buffet would be proud :')

    • Sell it on the OZB classifieds. Officeworks cards are good because they price match and can often be used for great stack deals. Coles cards can often be bought at a 5-6% discount from the supplier.

    • I've successfully bought a Coles Myer Gift Card with an Officeworks Gift Card but that was about four years ago so dunno if it works now

  • Thanks for all your help everyone. Copped up the $5.95 fee and bought the $100 visa gift card and paid for it with my $106 officeworks gift card.

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