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Mackie Onyx Black Bird Firewire Recording Audio Interface - $599 Shipped (Was $1099) @ Belfield Music


Mackie Onyx Black Bird Firewire Recording Audio Interface

Usually retails at $1099 down to $599

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    • It's one of those things "if you don't know what it is, you don't need it"

    • Mackie’s Onyx Blackbird Premium 16x16 FireWire Recording Interface delivers industry-leading recording quality via eight boutique-quality Onyx preamps and high-end 24-bit/96kHz conversion in a sleek, rackmount design.
      Two front panel “Super Channels” provide quick access to crucial recording tools and feature true analog hardware monitoring, in both mono and stereo, for hassle-free zero-latency recording. The additional mic inputs, onboard 8x8 ADAT and word clock I/O provide easy integration into any digital or analog setup.
      For more complex sessions, the powerful Blackbird Control DSP Matrix Mixer allows for quick mix creation and routing of any input to any output. Plus, since Blackbird works as a standalone 8-channel preamp rack, you’ve got a single box solution ready for integration into your studio or digital live setup.


      Connect your guitar, microphones, turntables to your computer. High quality audio capture, suitable for mixing and mastering. Mackie is a reputable brand with quality gear. Sadly this is an old model with a deprecated interface, not worth it.

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    Hmmm, a 2010 model with an interface that no longer exists on present machines and converters that are not at today's quality. I think it should be somewhat cheaper!

  • Firewire doesn't even exist on many motherboards nowadays.. to use this you'll have to fit in a 3rd party PCIE card, and even those are getting kind of rare.

    • Not to mention youll probably need to buy one a TI chipset as thats what works best with audio interfaces

  • I would never ever buy something that relied on Firewire. Unless this was about $100 or less. The obsolete nature that FireWire brings with it isn't worth it.

  • Most FireWire interfaces work quite happily with an adaptor to Thunderbolt ports, you're not just limited to FireWire.

    "A key advantage of Thunderbolt for some of us is that it is protocol-compatible with Firewire, and it maintains a lot of the same feature set. This means that you can usually connect older Firewire devices to your computer Thunderbolt-equipped computer via a suitable adaptor which, given the number of Firewire interfaces still in use, is potentially great news — it might even breathe new life into older interfaces that you’ve abandoned when moving to a machine without Firewire ports!

    Whilst some early reports suggested that these Firewire-to-Thunderbolt converters were a little hit-and-miss, more recent testing and feedback shows that a lot of Firewire interfaces — even some of the more temperamental ones from previous generations — work without problem over Thunderbolt adaptors. If you’re considering working with Thunderbolt and wish to use your older interface with a new machine, it would be worthwhile researching other users’ experiences in manufacturer product-support forums."