Buy Select Aperitivo in Australia?

Does anybody know if (and if so, where) Select Aperitivo is available in Australia? It makes the perfect spritz, less sweet than Aperol. but I can't track it down anywhere.


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    oldm8, I have never seen this around here and now I am very interested! Agree with you on aperol being a bit too sweet. I can only think of Sydney places here, but first off it might be worth trying Amatos in Leichhardt as they have a good range of Italian wines beers and spirits. Or maybe try the liquor section of Lamonica IGA in Haberfield. Otherwise, try researching Arquilla trading as I think they are often the importers behind some of Amatos stuff. Also look for Cadonite as they import Italian stuff (just not sure on whether they bring in alcohol). And if you find it, let us know - I'm interested in trying it :)

    • Thank you! I will let you know. No luck so far…

  • Select was my favourite for Spritz! Add Select, white wine (or Prosecco if you want to be fancy) and a dash of sparkling water!

  • Amatos now stock 1 ltr bottles of Select. I asked them to bring it in.
    So thrilled!

    • Wow! Thank you (and sorry for the very delayed reply). Not unreasonable price either!

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