Cheapest Way to Obtain JB Hifi Gift Cards

Hi all.
I'm looking at upgrading my phone and buy one from JB hifi.
I'm looking for the cheapest way to get jb hifi gift cards.
Any help would be appreciated.
I think buying from woolies via cahsrewards egiftcards is the cheapest way.

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  • Grey-import your phone instead.

  • You can sometimes find one in classified

  • They are 7.5% off for Lumo Energy customers if you are with them or know anyone with them.

    Otherwise 5% off for Entertainment Book members.

    I believe NIB and AGL have or at least had them in the past.

    I'm sure there are a few other retailer/reward programs offering them for around 5% also.

    • Cheers.
      I've got the entertainment book membership.
      Can e-gift cards be used instore?

    • I'm an entertainment book member, and interested in getting a few PS4 games/accessories so I checked this offer out.

      To answer blighst's question

      "Please note: Due to the high value of this offer, and for your protection, please allow up to 2 business days for credit card verification and delivery of your JB Hi-Fi eGift Cards"

      Secondly but perhaps more importantly.

      Debit card / credit card payment processing fee - 1.25% of total order cost

      There does not seem to be any alternative payment methods so there is no avoiding the 1.25% fee so really - the discount from the entertainment book should be technically advertised as 3.75% off - (Happy to be corrected if there is a way to dodge this fee)

      The vouchers come in values of $50, $100 and $250 - You have the option to nominate the quantity of each.

  • check Gumtree and Facebook marketplace for gift cards/vouchers

  • if you find one on sale, Office Works will beat it, just check their T&C

  • Anyone know where to find 7.5% off JB gift cards? Lumo use to do it 7.5% but have now dropped down to 5%.

  • Entertainment book is 5%
    RACQ rewards is 4%

    The entertainment book also does charge a 1.25% credit card fee (but I assume there is a way of getting around that via bank transfer or debit card or similar?)

  • Lumo is 5% off but charges 1% for CC payments.

  • Motoronrewards if you are member, they offer 5% on JB Hi-Fi and other store physical/e-gift cards.