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[Sydney CBD] FREE 4x1-hour Bike Hire @ 'Reddy Go' Bike Sharing App


Stumbled across a bike-sharing app 'Reddy Go'. Seem to be running an introductory promo: waived registration fee is waived until 24th August and free rides. Seems to be a lot of bikes in the CBD.

Under 'Promos' I also have 4 x 1-hour free bike hire. It says nationwide but can't confirm if they are outside of Sydney.

From what I've gathered, you need to:

  1. Download app.
  2. Find a bike (you can 'reserve' one 15 minutes prior to using it).
  3. Scan the QR code on the bike to unlock brakes.
  4. Leave the bike wherever legal to when you're finished.

Screenshot of bikes in CBD and promo I have in my app:

Normally, seems to be $100 'deposit' and $2/30-minute rate, but this is waived until 24th August to get them off the ground.

Some tips from Bicycle NSW:
Sign-up with referral to give someone 2 free rides.

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  • thanks! Looks handy.

  • The 4 promo rides expire October 16.

  • Good luck not getting run over by a Sydney driver.

  • How about the helmet? Is it a part of "shared" services or do u have to take one with u everyday just in case u need a ride?

    • There is a lack of information on their website. As for the helmet just wear a beanie lol

    • On reddit someone said all bikes have helmets.. but I'd always be super cautious of sharing hair-related/possible lice homes.

      • Yep.

        With fines of $330 handed to people not wearing helmets — making NSW one of the toughest jurisdictions in the world — each Reddy Go bike will also come with a helmet to ensure riders comply with cycling laws.

        I'd always be super cautious of sharing hair-related/possible lice homes.

        Yep, sharing helmets is gross.

        • Yet people try on clothing in stores all the time with no qualms…..

        • @singlemalt72:
          You equate trying on clothes from a store the same as using a sweaty helmet that's been exposed to the elements and has probably been tried on hundreds or thousands of times while people are exercising in all kinds of weather for significant lengths of time? And possibly even abused from countless passers-by too? And never to be sold and taken home, replaced with an identical copy from the store?

          Sharing helmets is gross.

        • @cheepwun:
          You will probably find these helmet inners are raw foam and not inclined to absorb much of anything, yeah, the nylon straps might get a bit, but each to their own.

          Personally, I grew up riding motorcycles with mates and never thought twice about sharing helmets, doesn't worry me at all.

    • Some people leave helmets others take them ….in Melbourne 7/11 sell them as we had RACV run bike share rentals

      But yeah own helmet handy.

      I use obike to get to supermarket and back as my place and supermarket have bikes out front.

      Damaged bikes are a problem though.

  • I'm surprised these bikes aren't being stolen.

    Apparently they expect you to ride without pedals. Who approved that image?

    Technically, the only interesting part to me is the smart lock GPS.
    Sharing helmets. No thanks.
    Paying for it. No thanks.
    Being tracked. No thanks.
    Riding in the suburbs. Yes thanks.

    Basket is very small.
    Some of the more durable and practical elements of these bikes (solid tyres, easy mount/dismount for males and females, protected bits) should be in bike stores worldwide for those that want them. It will probably mean less business for the stores though.

  • I got 5 hours Free ride instead of 4x1 hour

  • Unrelated topic. I know you can type in the number manually, but does anyone else have zero success scanning QR codes with cheap Android phones (even in good light)?

  • Tried this service this morning in Sydney, couldn't find the first two bikes (Wynyard Park + Sussex St) so I waited until I could physically see the third one (Kings Wharf) to try and reserve it then.

    The bike then had no helmet, so I ended up riding it illegally (was just over the bridge to Pyrmont).

    Parked it at Union square, 9min ride for $2. Spending the extra 15mins to try and find the other two bikes, I would have been better off just to walk.

    After I parked it, I checked the app and it's marked the bike at a location inside a building, rather than where it's actually parked (this is probably due to the bike relying on my phone's GPS, which is slightly off centre).

    Can see a lot of problems in the future of people not being able to find their bike, or the map showing a different location where it's actually parked.

    • Ooo if it really does take the position from your phone's GPS, I can think of some imaginative places to take the bike using FakeGPS :D But I think it's safe to bet that the bike itself has a built-in GPS tracker?

    Privacy, safety and public clutter problems for Sydney's new dockless bike hire

    Interesting article for those concerned about privacy. Your data is going to gov. Along with the usual bribes in order to be chosen, you can bet that your data was a condition of being approved. Of course it's only to improve infrastructure…nothing harmful about it at all.

    Even more reason to roll without data thieves. (ideally without your mobile)

  • Anyone got this to work recently? I enter my phone number but the verification code never arrives. Tried with and without the leading zero, desktop and mobile. Using the first referral link.

  • So I've been using this service for a couple of weeks, I cnan give you some info.

    • The bikes are quite good, 5 speed internal hub and capable brakes, quite a nice comfortable ride.
    • They're scattered everywhere around the CBD, easy to find.
    • The app and site aren't very clear on this: you can leave the bikes anywhere it's legal to park a bike in public. That's pretty awesome. Don't seem to be any limits to how far out of the city you can go.
    • There's a helmet attached to the bikes. Though I carry my own thanks, ewww. Of course in a sane world helmets would be optional but meh.

    Pretty happy with the service. Reduced my time between client sites quite a bit and the price is very cheap, though I haven't paid for any rides yet.

  • Just tried to register for 5 free rides, haven't received verification code to my Telstra phone yet after several minutes