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On the weekend I booked flights from Adelaide to Los Angeles in April 2011 for our honeymoon. I was then emailed the confirmation which said October 2010, leaving next week! I called them up to be told you stuffed up, and being told it will cost $800-$1000 to re-schedule our two flights. Has anyone else had problems with Jetabroad??? An extre $800-$1000 to our flights to our honeymoon is a pretty big kick in the guts, with no help what so ever from the consultants at Jetabroad!



    That's a bummer. Did you screenshot or print the Checkout screen with correct dates?


    no i didn't do a screen shot because it said it'd email me, which it did but its all F'd up!


    If you are sure that you picked the right dates and you believe the company is at fault, then initiate a dispute/chargeback with your CC company.

    I would have thought a booking within this month compared to April would be a high price difference. Was the amount emailed the same as what you saw on screen?


    Hi kellerd,

    My name is Hamish and I work for - the site you booked on. While we acknowledge this booking issue has caused you frustration, we do need to provide some clarity to this blog entry.

    Firstly, we have time stamped historical electronic records that captures the data inputed by you for this booking. The airline reservation systems can confirm that they received our seat request in less than one second after your website query and that the date values match the dates inputed into the website. Jetabroad does not manipulate booking information inputed by customers.

    Once booked, Jetabroad needs to discuss with the airline any post sale changes. Our customer service representative advised you that the Airline in question charges a penalty for date changes and, that while we could not guarantee the outcome, we would (and did) contact the Airline to request they waive the penalty to rectify your error. Unfortunately the Airline refused. In addition, the flight dates you originally inputed represent low season dates with respect to airline pricing. The dates you have now requested are for a higher season and therefore the airline involved will charge a higher fare in addition to the change fee.

    To further assist you, Jetabroad waived its service fee.

    If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Jetabroad.


    i'd just like to say that Jetabroad have been helpful in changing the flights for us, better than we gave them credit for - good work jetabroad

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