FIFA 18 Bargain Guide Discussion

Hello Everyone.

After watching the FUT Live Reveal yesterday on YouTube a friend of mine compiled this list of the best ways to purchase FIFA 18 on the Gen 4 consoles.

Are you a seasoned veteran of FIFA? Do you play a lot of online and FUT?

Which edition is best to get?

FIFA 18 ICON Edition via PSN Store (Unsure if Xbox One offers the same)
$116.95 (with 10% FIFA Loyalty Upgrade Applied, Reg. Price $129.95)

  • September 26th with 3 Days Early Access

  • 40 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (two per week over 20 weeks worth $120)

  • 3 match FUT Team of the Week loan player (one three match loan player for 20 weeks)

  • Cristiano Ronaldo FUT loan player for 5 matches

  • Ronaldo Nazário FUT Icon loan player for 5 matches

  • 8 special edition FUT kits

FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition (PS4, Xbox One)
$114 via JB-Hi-Fi

  • September 26th with 3 Days Early Access

  • 20 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (one per week for 20 weeks worth $60)

  • Cristiano Ronaldo FUT loan player for 5 matches

FIFA 18 Standard Edition (PS4, Xbox One)
$79 via JB-Hi-Fi (Big W/ Target price of $69 likely)

  • 5 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (one per week for five weeks worth $15)

  • Cristiano Ronaldo FUT loan player for 5 matches

  • 8 special edition FUT kits


  • I only play online so probably the standard edition for me :)

    Will be keeping an eye on this thread for a good deal but from previous years experiences I think $59-$69 is the lowest you can get this for at launch (standard edition)

  • Will wait for Free on EA Access.. (Technically not.. need to pay a subscription)

  • Xbox One offers extra 10% on icon edition if you have ea access as well as FIFA 17. So a total of 20% unlike for PS4.

    • Provided you pay $$ to subscribe to EA access that is? PS4's discount is free and that is what look for here on OzBargain.

      • EA Access is cheap, less than $40 for a year for tons of AAA games, early trials. I am not on Xbox but I would take it if I was on it, especially considering the deals on EA Access seen here.

  • I'm gonna try what I did last year, assume it'll work the same.

    • 10% returning digi download discount
    • Buying EA access ($7-8) to get a further 10%.

    Obviously paying for EA access almost negates that second 10% discount, however it did enable early access too.

    It was the Super Deluxe Edition for FIFA 17, not sure what the equivalent is now, but the total was $104.16 + $8 for EA Access = $112.16

    Ultimately around $4 cheaper (not much), but I most most keen on early access for FUT!

    • Did you watch the FUT Live Reveal? What are you most excited for?

      • Only saw a quick recap, but Ronaldinho and Henry! Not that I'll ever be lucky enough to pack them, but I do like the 3 version of icon cards.

        The single player daily and weekly challenges look pretty good too. They need other alternatives to be able to make more coins. If you're not into trading it's an absolute grind.

        What about yourself?

        • I completely agree, 3 versions of icons will be amazing for the game! Hopefully the chances to pack one aren't that high compared to other cards. Playing on PS4, I think it's awesome that the game is equal now! It sucked not being able to play with the Legends.

          My highlight had to be the reveal for Switch and that most of the core features will be supported. I don't own a Switch yet, but this is tipping me over!

          I want some actual changes to come in Manager Mode too!!

  • Hi guys, never played FIFA on pc as I've always played it on my PS4 but I had to sell it =( where does one buy / digital download fifa18 on pc? And is ea access with it? Thanks!

    • Have been buying FIFA on PC from CDKeys for a few years and never had any issues. Like them on Facebook for 5% off.

      EA access isn't available on PC, they offer Origin Access instead. Don't know much about it as I've never had an interest in it. As far as I know the latest version of FIFA won't be offered on it until match later in the year if not next year.

      • Is there some sort of discount code that they send you once you like their Facebook page?

        • The code is shown on screen after you like them. I've only ever done it from a desktop browser and once liked the page refreshes with an image with the a randomly generated code in it(so no copy and paste).

        • @IceCreamBandit: Hmm odd, I cant seem to see it anywhere :/ Ive sent them a message on Facebook. I'll wait and see what they say. Cheers

    • Too many cheaters on PC. Also, small amount of players on PC. I strongly recommend not to even think about spending with wasting time on FUT with PC. You can only play FUT on PS4 and Xbox.

  • Is FUT a big time investment? I never got into it. Are there more players in FUT compared to normal online seasons?

    • I'd say so on both accounts. You will essentially start off with bronze/ silver players and then build your way up to Gold and Rare Gold players. It feels a little grindy, but this year they are implementing new and a vast amount of ways to earn coins. Finding matches are never an issue.

  • I only play career mode with a lower league side moving up to the premier league. Glad the career mode looks to have had some improvements and not been ignored again. Hopefully the way youth players are trained and how they increase in skill makes a bit more sense.

  • to play FUT, need psn access?

  • Got the Icon edition for $89 from Hong Kong store :-)

    • you on xbox or PC? How does regions work in there? If I bought that edition on ps4 from hong kong or any other region besides AU, I would not get the packs in my AU Account.

      • I’m on Xbox. Haven’t had a problem in previous years. I’m having issues with my pre-order bonuses this morning because I cancelled my standard edition order and ordered the icon edition. I ended up with two versions on my Xbox, one at 38gb and the other 42gb- I have no idea which is which.

  • BigW has set FIFA 18 standard edition price for PS4/XB1 at $64 on release day. I am not sure what will cost $74, its probably for the Switch

    Source: Press Start

  • EB Games will sell FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition to you for $79 when you trade in any two PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch games. Usually these kind of deals would have an exclusion list but I’ve been assured that it’s literally any two games as long as they below to these platforms. This means that you could literally trade in two older versions of FIFA and get the Ronaldo Edition for $79.