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Glenfarclas 21yo Single Malt Whisky from $138.99 Delivered + Bonus 750ml Duvel Belgian Beer @ GoodDrop


Edit - $9 shipping included in price above; shipping may be more to different areas of Australia, so deal changed to reflect

21 Years Old
Non-Chill Filtered and Natural Colour

The QPR here is excellent for the age of this Whisky. You'd be hard-pressed to find a single malt this age at this price anywhere in Australia right now. Did I mention this comes with a free bottle of 8.5% alc Belgian beer that sells from anywhere between $15-$20 a bottle as well?

88 - Ralfy-reviewed very recently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4Mgq_PdvRk

Glenfarclas is an old-style sherried Speyside whisky. Lots of raisins, christmas pudding, ginger and spices, touch of lemon with a lick of peat on the finish. More a savoury than a sweet whisky, I always get an oaky/wood-sap note that I really enjoy too. I'm a big fan of their 15yo, and can still notice the step up to the 21 in terms of quality. I'm happy paying up to about $120 for the 15yo, so this is a downright bargain in my books.

And yes, I know I'm down on gooddrop from time to time. Here is an example where they are doing it right, and I applaud them for that.

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    Damn this so tempting. Must resist. I've had the 21, 25 and 30 YO and they are all top notch.

    If know anyone that loves whisky and has a birthday or special occasion coming up - chip in and buy them this.

  • Yeah, solid price- nice one OP. Does the bottle of Duvel get added in on checkout (as in, is there anything that you need to do to get it added, or will it appear automagically)?

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      It didn't turn up as an item in cart when I checked out, so I made sure I screenshotted the offer and also added a comment in the comments field :)

  • i couldn't find anything about the Bonus 750ml Duvel Belgian Beer on the link though… where you get that OP?

    edited: nvm… found it.. cheers op. nice find!

    edited 2: damn it… qld shipping cost is $15 flat rate compare to other state. Op might wants to change the title to suit.

    • That sucks, demere!Sorry to hear… still a bargain for an extra $6 shipping, in my books. Thanks for notifying, have updated post.

  • I'm gonna get a bottle.. how do you get the free beer too? does it add on after checkout?

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      It didn't turn up as an item in cart when I checked out, so I made sure I screenshotted the offer and also added a comment in the comments field :)

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        thanks.. next time I'll refresh screen and read replies like yours to dirtyboots above :)

  • did they take away the bonus beer? can't see it anywhere

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    Tried a tasting of their whole range a few years ago and this was actually my favourite of the lot.

  • Must be on desktop comps only? Cant see on my iPhone anything about a free beer???

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    not as cheap but their ebay site is also on sale for $144 delivered, if anyone is interested and missed this one like me lol:

  • got my delivery but the beer was expired in June 2017! anyone in the same boat with me?