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Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager Cans 375ml Case of 24 Low Carb Beer $38.70 @ Dan Murphy's eBay


Perfect for those who enjoy having a beer but don't enjoy all the carbs. I actually really enjoy the taste of these and the low carbs are just a bonus. Cheapest I have found these in a while. Normally $48-$49 at dan murphy's. Sometimes find them on special for $43-$45. I personally find the cans much better than the bottles (they are brewed) at different places. Use original cozzie code to bring these to $38.70.

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  • less carbs than a VB but VB has 7 times less sugar


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      The carb angle is just pure marketing genius, the difference is negligible.

      Try drinking water if you are worried about your weight, not beer.

      • I think from memory there's actually more sugar in these than regular beer. Smoke and mirrors!

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          5x the carbs is 5x the carbs - the amount of sugar per 100ml is negligible.

          Over a night, I can have about 20g of carbs from pure blondes or 100g from VB and even more from craft beers. Makes a big difference if you are following a low carb diet (which is why you would be drinking these) where you are trying to maintain under 50g carbs per day.

          Sugar = carbs. Pure blonde has much less.

          edit: also has much less gluten in it apparently for those that think they are intolerant to that. No preservatives as well. And thanks OP - gonna jump on this!

        • @krunchymoses: Beer doesn't contain a lot of carbs to begin with. For example, a can of soft drink contains four times more carbohydrates than a stubby of full strength beer. It’s the alcohol that contributes most to weight gain from drinking beer, not the carbohydrate.

          The Low Carb Beer Myth - Why It Won't Help Your Waistline

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          @WatchNerd: Yeah that is absolutely true for 95% of people - but if you are a little ketogenic diet cult member like I am currently, every carb counts as you need to stay under a limit per day. It's a thing where you burn fat instead of carbs and is a fairly contentious diet approach - kinda like Atkins. People love to hate it, but when it works it's pretty great.

          1.7g carbs per serve is a lifesaver for beers. There is one called Bighead they sell at Dan's which is zero carb which is good for keto dieters as well. Otherwise all you can drink is bloody vodka lime and soda.

          But yeah if you are following a calorie in calorie out diet then carbs aren't really an issue. But if you are trying to follow the keto thing, low carb beers are a godsend. Despite the calories still adding up, if you aren't eating at a big deficit on drinking days.

          I'm pretty sure 90% of blonde drinkers are not on a strict low carb diet though. The marketing definitely works.

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          @WatchNerd: Actually, it contains a hell of a lot if you're trying to stick to a low carb diet - 2 VBs and you're at your limit for most people, without even considering food (and the fact that there's no fibre in the beer!)

          Yes, normal people won't get that much benefit from low carb beer if they then go and have pasta for dinner.

          Good price on the beer though, will be buying a couple. Cheers OP

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          Cool. Agree, less carbs but almost the same kilojoules per standard drink.

          Personally, I don't mind Blonde but it's not necessarily a healthier way of drinking our beloved liquid.

          If it does carry less gluten that's definitely a plus for some affected by it. Thanks.

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        … and add vodka to your water if you are still worried.

    • The calories though…

  • I have a $30 Dan Murphy's gift card which I would love to use on this.

    Does anyone know whether you can use gift cards to purchase alcohol on the Dan Murphy's eBay site?

    • No you can't

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