Best JB Hi-Fi Store within Sydney to Price Match Online Price

I want to purchase a pair of Jaybird X3 earphones at JB HiFi but want to price match it for the cheapest price I've seen it online. Store is Eglobal. Price is $109. JB HiFi'S price is $199. Anyone have experience with this do you need to bring a printout of the ad. I have vouchers so that's why I want to purchase at JB HiFi.

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    Eglobal = grey import

    There's also $19 shipping showing for me.

    Good luck, you're gonna need it.

  • Yeah you might get lucky and get someone who doesnt check - but 99% you wont get past if they even look at it for a second

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    mate, mission impossible.
    any jbhf staffs will say "sorry that price you got there is wayyyyyyyyyyy below our cost price"
    yeah right. they think anyone will believe them.

  • I don't think you can price match eglobal, I think they are grey import so you'll have to be real lucky?

    In saying that I went to JB HiFi in Parramatta (not the Westfield store) to buy the Google Home outright the day it came out (needed it for something). Asked the guy where it was located and he grabbed one for me and gave me a small discount without me asking at all. He even apologised that he couldn't give me that great of a discount since it only got released that morning.

    If I had to go anywhere in the hopes for a discount I'd probably go there, though I am guessing its more staff dependent then store dependent.

  • Every time I've gone out to buy something, I've already got an idea as to what's a good price in my head. With JB, I just ask (not demand!) them casually "Can you do any better on the price?" From that, they've always knocked some off the marked price. I've had a few surprises from that - aka, huge discounts!

    If the final price is close to anything in-between an online-only price and their usual marked price, I'm happy enough. (Except if I can walk up the street and get it cheaper).

    There's no way I'd expect a physical store to match an online store. Someone's got to pay for the store and it's setup!

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      I've always just had that little casual walk up to someone working there just to see what's the best price they can do for me on their scanner. Sometimes it's big, sometimes not so but still worth it

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        Not really in my opinion.
        Its better to have the price in hand, and get them to get close to it (saves you waiting on shipping), or match it (support local business), or beat the price (better for your wallet).

        They usually tell me they can't go that low, not because they're selling it at-cost, but purely because it exhausts their profit margin.

        • Some of them there will show you on their scanner that they're exhausting their profit margins.
          Who knows if I really believe that it's their real cost price but at least there's some discount

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          Yeah, they pulled that trick on me a couple times.
          However, a friend that works there told me that was actually the lowest price and not the actual cost price.

          JB Hifi is a business, and a really good rule of thumb with business is to take the regular price and halve it.
          So if the JayBird X3 normally retails for $199 at JB Hifi, it means they are bulk importing it for $100 per unit or less. The scanner will show something like $120, their lowest price, and the salesmen usually deceive you into thinking that's the cost price and say they have to make profit on that price… so they will go last offer as low as $160 to "meet in the middle".

          If you ask them for their best price without knowing the cost price, their cut-off price, or sales costs… they will either say it is $199 sorry, or they will say "I can do you a favour" and offer $188. If you buy online, you might get it for $109… but grey import without warranty, shipping anxiety and a decent 1-5 week wait. However, I'm noticing that prices are slowly stabilising in between online shopping…which is causing the local brick stores to close down.

          Sometimes its worth paying that extra 45% to simply get it now. Usually I don't diverge from my 25% rule which I call the "rip off the dumb aussie tax", and for items worth over $400 I try to get it local.

  • I've always had better success towards the end of the month, rather than early/mid month.
    My hunch is that employees are more likely to have met their sales targets by the last week of the month and hence are happier to cut prices further by marking down towards cost.

    • My hunch is that employees are more likely to have met their sales targets by the last week of the month and hence are happier to cut prices further by marking down towards cost.

      What about they want to meet a quota so willing to cut prices?

      I don't know to be honest.

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        This is true. Many variables to consider.
        It'd be down to the employees performance, their particular mood and what moon phase their star sign is in.

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    Just bring the print out instore and hope for an easy-going sales assistant.

    If you are not happy with the price they can do, try another store.

    I've done it with online store prices.

    • Ok thank you. Yes hope all you can do is try. What store did you try and what did you buy and try to price match.

      • I like the Strand Arcade store more than the Westfield store for some reason.

        Also if you purchased something for a good price, keep the receipt so you can buy the same item again if you need to by showing the receipt.

        I have bought a lot of things from JB (tripods, memory cards, lenses, batteries, tablets, camera bags, selfie stick etc) and always ask for a discount verbally, and they can give you a few dollars off the marked price.

        Most times I get 10 to 20% off the price and all I had to do was ask.

        Otherwise, I print out an online store price and show them. It can be a few dollars more but at least I don't have to pay for shipping. Better if the competitor is an Australian retailer, they will match it. Print the best price with an Australian retailer. It's better because it has an Australian warranty.

      • Did you go in and try? How were your results?

        • no i have not gone in and tried yet

  • I have been to many JBs around Australia and the general response from staff is "We only price match from brick and mortar stores"

  • Is JB Hifi the only Australian store to sell them? No chance of price matching then … the staff would know what the exclusive products are. You might be able to get a $10 discount or something, if you ask nicely.

    I couldn't see them on TGG, BingLee, HN, etc

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