Which Capsule (Pods) Coffee Machine Is Bang for Buck?

Can you recommend a good value capsule coffee machine these days in the market?

Nespresso seems to be out of the league.

I heard good positive raves about Nescafe Dolce Gusto & Aldi Expressi.

There's also heaps of Nescafe Dolce Gusto models; one that seems to be good is Genio 2. Can we get folks to confirm if this is accurate?


  • Dolce buy reuse capsules

    • How do you mean by 'Dolce buy reuse capsules' ?

      • You can refill the capsules with any coffee variety you like, rather than just throwing away the empty pods.

      • Have a look on ebay, there's refillable plastic capsules that you can buy. Some are rated for 50 uses and others just replace the original capsule. Genio is a good machine, better than the manual ones.

  • We had a Caffitaly Machine from Woolies at work. Pods were cheap and most of the time had 1/2 price deals at Woolies.

    After few weeks of using it, we realised how much plastic landfill we were creating and everyone decided to switch to Nespresso as those pods could be recycled.

    • You can reuse Caffitaly pods. Just buy some beans, a grinder and it's very easy (see youtube videos) - although this might be harder in a work environment depending how close everyone is.

    • Aldi also have a recycling pod system now. You sign up and they send you prepaid shipping labels. Fill up a box, and stick the label on and post it

  • so those that own Dolce Gusto machine, which model would you recommend to buy?