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Hi All

The question is, does anybody own a Moto G5 Plus and can you use both sims for BOTH data and calls at the same time?
The OPPO was working before with 2 sims and they have turned off the 2G network, so 2 sim wont work.
Purchased a Redmi X4 thinking 2 sims "should" work but doesn't work the way we expected.
It has dual sim BUT it can only use 1 slot at a time.
One for calls and one for data.

Thanks in advance for any info.



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    I have a Moto G4.

    SIMs in both slots work at the same time.

    In Oz I have a VF prepaid data only SIM in Slot 1 and a VF prepaid voice SIM in Slot 2. They both work at the same time because I can check things on Internet while in call. I receive calls on voice SIM but I never make calls on it (80 c/minute). I make calls using Skype (3c/min). (We don't have any living parents or any children so we make very few calls.)

    When overseas I replace SIM in Slot 1 with a prepaid voice SIM. It does have data capability ($250/GB) but I never use it. I have only ever made one call on SIM in Slot 1 when I had a flat battery in Europe (35c/min). Renault Lease Call Centre called me back on SIM 1 (free). I never pick up calls on SIM in Slot 2 ($8/min) but it receives texts for 2FA (free).

    When I was in Singapore last week I was most impressed by text messages from VF on SIM 2 telling me I could use data for $51/MB = $51,000/GB. What a bargain!


    If you have an F1s, R9 or R9 Plus there is a software update to enable 3G & 4G support:


    Thanks for the both replys,

    Werdnanstaw, need phone AND data on both sims in AUS so not relevant for me.
    Vsixfour, very handy info as I have also got a F1s and will upgrade to android 6.
    Not dual sim but good budget phone.
    According to Oppo, R9 MIGHT work with the new firmware but at $500 , not gonna take the chance.

    Looked at the Motorola forums site, firmware coming (eventually) but won't work out from the box.

    I don't think there is a workable solution since they turned off the 2G networks.
    Telco's really didn't think that through before they pulled the plug!

    Rant over……for the moment anyway!


    Just an Update……
    Bought the Moto G5 Plus
    Updated the software, and can confirm that it is a dual sim, both data and voice at the same time.

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