Improving Telstra Air Reception on My Laptop

I'll start by saying I'm computer illerate so please have mercy on me. I'm on prepaid Telstra mobile which allows me access to the Telstra Air network. There's a hotspot near my home which allows me to connect and I use it as my primary internet access (my income is limited and I cannot afford broadband). Unfortunately the signal is only moderate in strenght and I have to place my laptop on a windowsill to have reliable access. Is there an accessory such as an antenna that I can plug into my laptop the will improve the range….ie Allow me to put the laptop on a coffee table 2 metres from the window and get reliable access? Thanks.


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    Unlikely to be. The idea with Telstra air is that you can use it while out and about but it's not really designed to be your every day network.

    The only thing I can think of is a wifi range extender which I really have doubts about working.

    Can you not split the cost of broadband with someone? There are cheap plans around.

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    Get this or something like it You put it as close as possible to the telstra air and the device will broadcast the signal throughout your house


    Thanks everyone for replying. The wifi range extender sounds worth a try. I've been doing a little reading and discovered that there are usb wifi adapters with external antenna……I wonder if installing one of these might also improve wifi reception on my laptaop? (My laptop is the $319 dell inspiron 11 3000 that I found through ozbargain).

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      I personally think buying a unlocked wifi hotspot or cheap and using this deal or similar is a better idea and value for money.

      I'm not convinced those wifi extenders will work on a network that requires you to login each time like Telstra air does.

      I cannot afford broadband

      Can you elaborate on that?


        I'm on disability support pension, I have dementia. My excess income I'm putting aside to pay for my funeral. My super would cover a funeral easily but I'd prefer to not inconvenience my sister by putting her in debt whilst waiting for my super payout.

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    I use a twin antenna wifi adapter (research biggest specs u can get, see example below), which connects from my pc via a usb->network cable->usb with the wifi adapter near my back fence (50+ meters away). It works well, as I get nothing on T.Air in my house.

    Unfortunately Telstra seem to have chopped access to users without an active account.




      Thank you I will check it out.
      Edit: I pay $30 telstra prepaid for my phone so I do get abit of data for email etc and of course acess to the telstra air network, which I use primarily for file downloads.


    how many devices can login to telstra air with one telstra air account?

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