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Replica Eames Organic Chair - Average RRP $180 - Sale at $99 (+ Approx $39 Sydney Metro Shipping or Free Pickup) from Nestly


For the next week, Nestly are doing a clearance on their Eames Replica Organic Chairs in Dark Brown.

The price will be dropped to $99. These chairs usually retail for around $180.

These chairs can be collected at their Sydney warehouse or shipped (average $40 to Sydney metro) - shipping calculator on Checkout page to confirm.

Use promo code: OZBARGAIN99 at Checkout to get discount!

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    lol $142 to ship one chair…


    Anyone know where their Sydney warehouse is located? I can't seem to find the address on the website.

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    RRP $180 - Sale at $99

    Your normal price is $115. Why are you posting Misleading price comparisons in the title?


    • -1 vote

      As per original post "These chairs usually retail for around $180." This statement means that other retailers sell these for around $180 (or more). We are usually already more competitive than these retailers, selling them for an already discounted price of $115.

      The Ozbargain promo code makes the price $99.


        As per original post "These chairs usually retail for around $180."

        You may want to read up on the ACCC laws regarding making misleading price comparisons like comparing to RRP when you don't normally sell them for RRP.



        The Ozbargain promo code makes the price $99.

        Which is a saving of $16 off your normal price.

        In you title, you are trying to mislead potential customers into thinking that they are saving $81, which is not true…

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    Organic Chair

    Materials: Polyurethane

    Huh ? I guess 'technically' it's organic…

    • +1 vote

      Perhaps more to do with the appearance?



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          Organic design is a style of product design which takes as its starting point organic, flowing natural forms.

          Undulating lines, dynamic curves, and powerful arches stand in contrast to the geometric, functional style as represented by functionalism. The aspiration towards organic design can be seen time and again in the development of modern product design: the 1946 Vespa motorised scooter by Piaggio features a streamlined, domed chassis. Designed in 1950, the fibreglass “Dax” armchair by Charles Eames features an organically formed seat. In the 1970s, organically designed plastic furniture blossomed. From 2000, car design was characterised by a strong trend towards flowing forms (e.g. the redesigned Mini Cooper). Designs by product designers such as Ron Arad, Luigi Colani, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Ross Lovegrove, and Philippe Starck are clearly influenced by organic design."


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    I thought it was a highchair for a second there…

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