Best Five Noise Cancelling Headphones, as Rated by Lifehacker

This question gets asked quite frequently on Ozbargain — what's the best noise cancelling headphones that you can buy? Lifehacker has just published a short round up of about 5 different headphones (of around 300 to 600 dollar price range) that might be worth a read… but maybe only if you're willing to spend that much :)

I personally use my QC20's (which sound great and take out 85% of ambient noise) as well as the Huawei's AM180's that I bought from Telstra deals, which sound fairly decent and cut out about 60% of ambient noise (but is more uncomfortable to wear, fiddly to charge and has a shorter battery life).

I also own a pair of Panasonic RP-HC200 which is also one of the worse noise cancelling headphones ever (noise cancelling is almost non-existent).


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    Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones are great on planes/trains etc. but completely useless on a bus. Whenever you go over even a tiny bump the noise cancelling causes a weird sort of popping noise which is really distracting. I didn't have this issue with the Bose QC35s.
    It is a pity though since the Sennheisers do have superior audio quality to the Bose.


      My qc20's make a popping noise on the bus too.
      Not sure if other buses are the same but Adelaide metro have soo many panels and poles that make an insane racket over any bump..

      In any other environment they're fantastic.


        An arc/spark as happens all the time on street-hung high voltage wiring will likely upset any/all bluetooth devices, as sparks that size generate massive EMF spikes which upset all kinds of radios.

        If using the bluetooth interface, try using cable only (if your phones have this option).

        If using a wired connection, turning the noise cancelling off should stop the interruptions/popping from the sparks.

        If it upsets the noise cancelling circuit only, a different headset may give you a very different experience.


    ❤❤ Sony MDR-1000X ❤❤
    Great cancellation in city areas. Touch controls for bluetooth and gesture controls for conversations. Very comfortable.